The true meaning of G-Day

I’m getting ready to head out the door, but not before sharing this pearl of wisdom from Jeb Blazevich (who is becoming a regular quote machine, much to this blogger’s pleasure) about what today really boils down to:

“Just doing my job,” Blazevich said. “I just want to [do] my job to help my team beat my team.”

On that note, those of you traveling to Athens on what looks to be a gorgeous spring day, stay safe and enjoy.

If you’re not going and you want a game day thread, be my guest in the comments.


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19 responses to “The true meaning of G-Day

  1. diving duck

    Or you can go and still enjoy still enjoy the game day thread because Greg McGarity cares about you. #morecelltowers #gamedayexperience


  2. hodgie

    Can anyone provide a web link for the shut ins who can’t make it.


  3. Irishdawg

    I’m already here and the weather is spectacular


  4. Macallanlover

    A replay is on the SEC Channel Sunday night for those who can wait that long….or you can get genius insights right here from Ed, and the others who know more than what the coaches think, later today. Will save you time, and can give you the perspective from the anti-UGA side of the field.


  5. Castleberry

    What a gorgeous day! Hanging in the club level and wondering where’s the after party?


  6. Castleberry

    Does anybody know what’s going on with the Georgia Bulldogs one through 10 sign on either fifty?


  7. Cojones

    It’s on the SEC alternate channel and has included the USCe, FU, Miss and UGA in that order. UGA is about to begin. Yall enjoy. Tried to get there, but the doc says no long riding journeys and right nowI would have to come alone. The ‘Nesian is visiting her girlfriends and my neighbor, Mr. Piontek, is a Miami fan with UGA a distant second and he doesn’t want to make the trip.. I have to stay here and munch cookies between yardwork and the game. Game’s on!..


  8. 69Dawg

    Our kicking really needs work. 42 yarder looked like my tee shot.


  9. Debby Balcer

    Sure did not like seeing Mitchell getting hurt again.


  10. Andrew

    Any other Saturday and I would have watched. Hard for a scrimmage to compete for eyeballs with what Spieth and Phil did today. Great drama. Damn shame BM doesn’t acknowledge that.


  11. Bulldawg Bill

    Suspensions begin in 10…9…8…