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My bad.

Remind me never to mention here when I’m going to be out for the day.  Especially when I’m going to be at a place that bans Internet access.

Today’s trollfest may be the single most embarrassing comment thread in the history of the blog.  But I think order has been restored.  At least for the moment.



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First thought on G-Day

I intended to post a full-blown Observations post for you at this point, but between my home Internet crashing last night and me heading out the door to Augusta this morning, I’m a little pressed for time.

There’s one thing I’d thought I’d share with you to get the ball rolling this morning, though.  Yesterday was the third G-Day game I watched when a Richt team ushered in a major change at one of the coordinator positions (I don’t count the transition from Richt to Bobo as one of those).  And what was unusual about yesterday was how utterly ordinary it seemed compared to the other two occasions.

Grantham’s first spring was noteworthy because he wasn’t Willie Martinez, of course, but there was also excitement at G-Day because you could tell the defensive players were buying into what he was pitching.  Last year, there was the shock of seeing how bare the secondary’s cabinet really was and wondering if Jeremy Pruitt really knew what he was in for.

This year, though, was… well, almost boring in that regard.  I mean, there’s a certain amount of drama in the quarterback contest and there isn’t much depth at wide receiver with the injuries and all, but really, when you got down to it, the day boiled down to Georgia’s offense being Georgia’s offense.

The weirdest part of that for me is that feeling didn’t really sink in until the game was almost over.  Whether that’s good or bad depends, I guess, on how much you blame Bobo.

Anyway, that’s just a start.  I’ll have a lengthier G-Day post to share with you after I get back from the Masters.


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“I was told the reason we had a [selection] committee is we were going to take all that stuff out of it. ”

You didn’t really believe that, did you, Gary Patterson?

Actually, no.

It’s never been adequately explained by committee folks how TCU could be good enough to be No. 3 after 11 games, but fall three places after winning its final game by 52 points.

Patterson said Wednesday he had inkling that would happen. On the field before that Iowa State game, he told Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads, “We’re not going to the playoffs.”

“I’m pretty good at gut feelings,” Patterson added. “I watched all the articles during the week. I actually thought that was the kiss of death moving to three.”

That 2007 Georgia team knows how you feel, brother.


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