“It’s a case of monkey see, monkey do.”

When it comes to satellite camps, Urban Meyer isn’t going to let the other monkeys have all the fun.

Even if he thinks they shouldn’t.

“If our staff, who has much more information than I do because they’re in the trenches, if it helps us, we’ll do it,” Meyer said. “I think we might try one this year. You’ll certainly hear about it if we do.

“There’s a lot of conversation in our recruiting meetings every Wednesday about making a move and trying one. I hope the NCAA (puts an end to those). I think that should be outlawed. We shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

“I think you just recruit on campus, do a good job.”

Nothing stopping the Big Ten from putting the kibosh on that, Corch.  The SEC already does that on its own.

You get the feeling this is about to go all Wild West. How many Ohio State satellite camps in Alabama could it take to blow the whole thing up?


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12 responses to ““It’s a case of monkey see, monkey do.”

  1. California, Texas, Florida , Georgia.

    Bama ain’t even close to where the shootouts will be held.


  2. Cojones

    Couldn’t we just say it’s the OSU Pogrom and let the Bama fans think it’s Northern for Program?


  3. Eventually, a B1G coach has to convince a kid that he wants to spend 3-5 years in the snow rather than in the sun. Good luck with that …


    • Cojones

      When “Stick it where the sun don’t shine.” takes on a different meaning.

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    • mp

      Raekwon McMillan made the choice to head north from Hinesville, Georgia to play for Corch over UGA, AU, etc… He got a national championship ring to warm his finger.


      • Very true – my point is that the coaches who appear at these satellite camps eventually have to convince the kid to come north. McMillan never considered UGA other than lip service. He also didn’t need to go to a satellite camp to get noticed.


  4. Jeff Sanchez

    You keeping tabs on Corch’s roster cuts?


    I swear, the trail of slime that dude leaves behind him…I was literally rooting for any final four team – yes, even FSU – to win last year instead of tOSU. Nauseating.


  5. Uglydawg

    UGA, AU,FU,and maybe one or two other SEC schools should get together and hold a mega offensive lineman’s camp in Ohio.
    Bring about 100 Southern Belle hostesses with them to cook and serve burgers (and crab legs), work as watergirls, etc….show movies of beach parties and Southern life in general, etc
    After all, turn-about is fair play.


    • Cojones

      I seriously like that idea. And include Illinois (Chicago Catholic schools, especially), Wis , Pennsyl,and Minn. Especially go after those who are giving OSU a good look.

      Why not an SEC camp in Upper u ess? Glean the big guys out and let’em choose which school and locale where they would like to spend 3-4 yrs down South. Recruit the big farm girls from there also. They could play softball , do the shot put and hammer throw while keeping the big guys company if they so choose.

      Oops! Forgot that Tech may raid them the girls with their 4 hot dogs, cokes and tacos program. How is their Nawtherly Raids program going?


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    ESFOAD Corch.