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Attrition in the Second Chance U recruiting pool

The defense never rests in Gainesville and Knoxville.


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“Times have changed.”

Maybe, but money’s always talked.  And when it comes to sports and gambling, it talks pretty loudly.

In his argument, Silver cited several key cultural trends: the proliferation of legal casinos and lotteries across the country, the ease of gambling on sports in other countries like Britain (where you can bet on games on your phone), and the huge amount of money (estimated to be somewhere between $80 and $380 billion annually) that’s illegally wagered with offshore bookmaking operations by American sports fans.

Nah, I wouldn’t expect the NBA to be found on the corner tomorrow, competing with your local bookie.  But fantasy sports?  It’s already there, bro.

But Silver left out a few trends, too. “It’s not just the offshore, illegal sort of gambling,” Dennis Coates says. “It’s things like FanDuel.com.” The “daily fantasy sports” site, not technically considered gambling, allows users to effectively bet on individual players’ statistics in each game, and took in some $57 million in profits in 2014 — the same year the NBA bought a stake in the company.

If the pros manage to suck it up and swallow their qualms about gambling – there so much money there! – can we really expect the NCAA to sit idle and let all that loot pass by the schools?  Can you imagine what an officially sanctioned March Madness bracket game could bring in?

Best of all, unlike the NBA, the NCAA doesn’t have to add a presence in Vegas to make it happen.  It’s already there.


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Wednesday morning buffet

I’ve got the chafing dishes fired up for you…

  • Carvell asks a bunch of coaches if early signees should be let out of their NLIs if the head coach is gone from the program before the February signing day.  Most said yes.  (Although Stoops has a point when he says, “No, because I believe you sign with the school – with the school and with the program. I believe that’s why you sign. You sign to go to school at that university. If that’s not what you’re doing, then you don’t need to sign early.”)
  • Athlon ranks the SEC football coaching jobs.  Georgia is third.
  • Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin want their schools to play each other.  (“Can you imagine Florida not playing Florida State or South Carolina not playing Clemson?” Strong said.)  Good thing Steve Patterson is there to maintain the status quo!
  • The NCAA claims that some members of its Committee on Infractions received “violent threats” after the materials in the McNair litigation were released, although it remains mum on the details.
  • And here’s a power ranking of the SEC’s cross-divisional games in 2015.  Georgia is, understandably, tops in the East, but check out what the author has to say about LSU’s supposedly tough draw.  “The Tigers have won four of the last five vs. the Gators, but again, Florida is one of the most dangerous teams in the country” sounds like something straight out of Joe Alleva’s mouth.
  • Barrett Sallee is really impressed with Georgia’s linebacking corps – imagine what he’d think if he’d remembered to include Davin Bellamy in his analysis.
  • In case you missed it, Ohio State made sure that Urban Meyer will be paid more than Jim Harbaugh (but not as much as Nick Saban).  Though as we all know, things could change down the road.


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Beast mode

I really like this shot.


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Bert goes pervy.

Arkansas sends fifteen letters… to a recruit’s girlfriend.

I wonder when she gets her scholarship offer.


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