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Collector’s item

Georgia Tech just handed out rings commemorating the 2014 football season.

Your eyes do not deceive you.  One side does indeed read “State Champs”.

Act like you’ve been there evidently isn’t part of the Jacket psyche.  Although it does make for a rare piece of jewelry.



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Jeremy Pruitt: “He’s like that father figure if you do something well, he’s not going to compliment you.”

And your spring defensive MVP is… nobody.

Because that’s how Pruitt rolls.


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“We get kind of scared.”

College athletic directors know it’s stupid to schedule games 12 and 15 years out.  They know they shouldn’t do it. They don’t even like doing it. And yet they can’t help themselves.

That’s not exactly Einstein’s definition of insanity, but it’s close.


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The downside to using college football as a free farm system

Mike Mayock explains what the spread is doing to pro football’s draft analysis:  basically, it’s making it harder to judge kids at most offensive positions coming out of college.

“With so many college teams in the spread — and the spread can be a lot of things — what I’ve learned is how difficult it is to evaluate almost every position,” Mayock said. “It’s not just skill. Take for example the left tackle that never gets in a three-point stance. How do you evaluate his power? He’s also standing straight up immediately. There’s no such thing as a drive block anymore. Every position is affected.

If it keeps up – and you can expect it will as long as there are lots of college coaches who believe running a spread attack gives them the best chance to win – eventually Mohammed will have to go to the mountain.

… Every NFL team has scouts and personnel whose evaluations can affect how the team performs, especially a team with a top pick. That affects people’s jobs. Mayock says teams need to adjust to work with these players’ strengths, and they’ve started to.

I think in the NFL, all the teams have to do a better job of embracing some of these new-style players at every position,” he said.

It’s either that, or start paying to develop players coming out of high school the way you want.


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