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“He’s just not been very consistent.”

If you wonder what a wake up call from Mark Richt sounds like, here you go.


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Mmmm… cupcakes, SEC-style

Given he’s writing about a conference in which its coaches regularly bitch about how the cross-division rivalries aren’t fair and would sooner cut off an arm that go to a nine-game conference schedule, I’m not really sure why Ed Aschoff is indignant about the relative weakness of the SEC’s non-conference scheduling over the next few seasons.

Although I have to concede this is pretty special:

… Florida’s 2017 matchup with Michigan at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will mark the first time the Gators have left their home state to play a regular-season nonconference game since going to Syracuse in 1991.

Go, Gata!

And how much of Missouri’s recent success is due to Gary Pinkel’s greatness as a coach and how much to his shrewdness as a scheduler?



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Name that caption, working out edition

In all good conscience, I simply couldn’t let this one go by.

Tracy Glantz/tglantz@thestate.com

Neither should you.


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Saturday morning buffet

A few odds and ends to get your weekend going:


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