Bless their little pointy hearts.

The quintessential fan reach out for Georgia Tech football:



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36 responses to “Bless their little pointy hearts.

  1. mwo

    Did the attendees get State Champ rings too?


  2. PansyTheDawg

    I feel like we’re talking about Tech way too much lately. Are they worth discussing? I don’t think so. Maybe we can pick the Tech conversation back up in November?


  3. Rival

    I’d rather ignore them. We should win this year and likely run off another streak of 4-5 wins.

    Plenty of things about that school and their fans are worthy of derision, but not this outreach effort.


  4. Ben

    I’m about to defend Tech here, and I’m not okay with that.

    This works two ways. It gets some of the international students there to experience the football atmosphere, and it teaches the players something about cultural sensitivity. Anyone who attended UGA knows that we’ve got some international students there, too, and it would be great to see UGA doing something like this. Tech knows their student body, and they’re attempting to bridge a vast cultural divide. Even Paul Johnson was there, and I saw him smile at one point.

    The only thing I’d quibble about, though, is the production quality of the video. Whoever is behind the UGA videos is doing such good work them, and the quality of this one was just poor in comparison.


    • PansyTheDawg

      I have a graphic artist friend here in Athens. Her company works with the athletic department, and she’s met the person that does the videos. Apparently, he’s just some very gifted student.


    • McTyre

      If I had to bet, Johnson hated every minute of this activity. The guy generally sneers at the PR parts of his job and he’s likely perturbed that the student body and alums don’t honor his genius by regularly selling out home games. The guy is clearly gets the most out of his players, but his public demeanor suggests he’s not necessarily believing it in his heart.

      to be VERY insecure


    • Russ

      I agree. I think it’s a good idea and of course Tech can use all the fans they can get. I’d like to see us do something like it. It benefits the players as much as the students.

      That said, screw tech. I hope we hang 50+ on them this November.


    • Olddawg 55

      I’m with you. Tech is to be complimented for this type of cultural outreach. When I coached, I brought the moms/sisters out to see what our program was like..the equipment, basic formations, goals, positions…this paid dividends in getting more people involved in the program and cut down much critical comment. Kudos to CPJ and the Tech team!


  5. South FL Dawg

    Please don’t make me turn in my Dawg card but I thought that was pretty cool.


  6. Athens Dog



  7. The most surprising thing about the video was that a couple of the chicks were kinda hot.

    The commenters who are taking the Senator to task for mocking this video need to chill a little bit. A big part of being college football fans is mocking and insulting our rivals. This mocking and insulting has no logical basis, it’s just part of the fun of being a fan. I use the most crude and insulting terms in describing Fu, Au, and Gt fans, but I don’t really hate them, like I would say, hate ISIS.

    The previous statement does not apply to Nick Fairley, I would like to see that POS SOB get hit by a bus.


    • Debby Balcer

      My oldest daughter and friends graduated from Tech and are all very attractive. UGA fans don’t want to admit that. My daughter did say that in regards to dating that the guys were odd.


  8. I don’t know, the way Tech fans mock the deaths of people like Larry Munson and Dan McGill, my hatred for them is getting awful close to ISIS territory.


    • And UGA – I really have a renewed hatred of them


    • Beer Money

      Precisely, Irishdawg gets it. You know damn well if we did anything like this, the 11 year-olds on Stinktalk would make some of the most classless remarks you could think of.

      I have no respect for anything that school does. No quarter asked and no quarter given. They can eat shit and die.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Can any of those kids punt?