Latest edition to the Second Chance U recruiting class

And best of all, Boom signed him once already.


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14 responses to “Latest edition to the Second Chance U recruiting class

  1. Mike Cooley

    Second chances are a basic human right.


  2. Rick



  3. Mayor

    How do these guys keep getting off? This one sure looks like he’ll be playing at Florida State….Prison.


  4. Athens Dog

    Auburn bound


  5. VoxDawg

    Chalk up another victory for the ghetto doctrine of “gots to be havin'”. Somebody else has something hat I’m not willing to earn, so I’ll just take it by force.



  6. Cosmic Dawg

    This is another huge part of the argument for letting kids go straight to the NFL if they want to. I’m happy that some borderline kids are able to attend college because of their athletic abilities, and I certainly did some sketchy stuff when I was in school (beyond the usual, actually) – but in general these kids ought to be at least somewhat representative of the student body.


  7. Ghost of Crowell

    Weed and Xbox, definitely go hand in hand. It is 4/20 after all…


  8. Cojones

    The Ghosts of Hernandez will continue to walk the Swamp at FU.


  9. Speaking of Hernandez …why does a State/Commonwealth put a guy on trial for two more murders when he already has life without Parole for a previous murder. Keep him under a no bond status until the appeal is finished and than Dead Docket…. saves millions. Can they put the Patriots on probation?