This year’s early leader for the Mettenberger Award…

… given to the former Georgia player whose spring game performance is trolled the most at GTP as proof of the staff’s inability to judge talent, is – the envelope, please – Tray Matthews!

The former Georgia safety earned MVP honors with five tackles, a forced fumble and an interception.

Congrats, Tray.  I’m sure this won’t be the last time your spring game stats are mentioned here.



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27 responses to “This year’s early leader for the Mettenberger Award…

  1. Russ2

    How many times did he get beat deep? How many checks has he cashed twice? How many professors are ready to kill him? GO DAWGS!


  2. Mike Cooley

    I know we will have guys get dismissed from the team again but I feel like that problem is, if not solved, definitely a lot closer to being under control. Pruitt seems to have the defensive players’ attention and clearly does not care about being their buddy or about their personal agendas and personalities. At the time I didn’t realize Grantham was such an enabler. Glad that he and all of them are gone.


  3. HVL Dawg

    I wish press reports didn’t say Tray was dismissed for breaking team rules. I wish they would say Tray was dismissed for smarting off to a professor.


  4. Mayor

    Trigga Tray was/is a bad apple. Sooner or later Auburn will learn that, too. I’m hoping the hard way.


  5. ERW

    Mettenberger did have a great GDAY. What an ARM! Doing great these days too. Good to see Trigga and Nick Marshall having so much success too. Maybe Mett can hire AM to carry his clipboard! Just messin with you Senator, geez Georgia fans, boy do they hate guys who elave their program and suddenly start succeeding. Let it go Senator, he’s just the one that got away, CMR miscalculated there and got stuck with practice SUPERSTAR AM. Just messin with you, seriously, funny post, I get the sarcasm.


  6. RickyTickyTavi

    Mett turned out much better than CMR said he was, which didn’t surprise folks like me at all, guess I saw it first in Mett. He’s the one who got away, besides Nick Marshall. Two huge misses. We can play the “If only” game with those 2 guys til the cows come home, but hindsights 20/20. Time told us who was right. Let’s move on.


  7. Debby Balcer

    The troll is back same song different name.


  8. RickyTickyTavi

    8 guys transferred out of defense last Spring, Pruitt has changed since then, and a good thing, he ran off 8 guys with his tough guy approach. Now he’s everybody’s pappa. He learned his lesson form his first season failure with Trey, JJ, and the other 8 who left Pruitt. H’es trying to learn how to coach up a 5 star. Say the wrong thing, and they transfer, they have to be respected.


    • Lakatos Intolerant

      So much energy expended trying to stir up a GA football blog. Various handles that no one recognizes. My guess is a tech fan who brags to his buddies about trolling a GA blog. Keep up the good work hombre!


    • CannonDawg

      Say the wrong thing, and they transfer, they have to be respected.

      They have to be respected? Before they earn it? And you can’t say the wrong thing? Is this college football in the SEC or fraternity flag football?

      If they want to transfer because somebody said the wrong thing to them, then for cryin’ out loud cut the lace off their panties and send ’em off. And you should consider going with them, sir. We’ll all be better off.


    • Tray needed to learn some respect. The prof told him to leave his class because Tray was on his cell phone and disrupting the class. He was showing disrespect for his classmates and professor. Tray then told the 60 y.o. prof to make him leave, implying he would kick his ass. Real tough guy, that Tray. We don’t need pussies like him.


    • H’es trying to learn how to coach up a 5 star.

      I can’t figure out if you’re claiming all the kids who left Georgia were 5-star recruits, or if you have no clue about the kids he coached at Alabama and FSU who didn’t leave.


  9. Mike Cooley

    I seem to remember this same mewing about Pruitt being too intolerant of little assholes like Mr. Miracle On The Plains Matthews last summer just prior to camp. Of course it was done under a different handle. Any guesses as to what that handle was?