Banging for the bucks, SEC coaches edition

I have a friend who shall go nameless here, who used to rank his dates by what he called the “get down to dollars” ratio:  how much money he had to spend on a woman before she went to bed with him.

So what do we get if we translate that formula over to SEC coaches, and their wins and salaries?  Something like this:

  1. Gus Malzahn – $380,000 per win
  2. Mark Richt – $412,000 per win
  3. Les Miles – $417,000 per win
  4. Gary Pinkel – $421,000 per win
  5. Steve Spurrier – $476,000 per win
  6. Hugh Freeze – $538,000 per win
  7. Kevin Sumlin – $538,000 per win
  8. Butch Jones – $600,000 per win
  9. Dan Mullen – $609,000 per win
  10. Nick Saban – $660,000 per win
  11. Bret Bielema – $800,000 per win
  12. Mark Stoops – $1.03 million per win
  13. Derek Mason – salary not disclosed; three career wins

Jim McElwain can’t be assessed, of course.

Kinda casts that whole underpaid/overpaid argument in a new light, doesn’t it?


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6 responses to “Banging for the bucks, SEC coaches edition

  1. Chi-town Dawg

    The phrase one of my college friends created was the “sex to expenditures ratio”. I still think he should be given consideration for a Nobel prize in Economics as this formula is much more relevant and practical than much of the research by past winners;-)


  2. Keese

    Ah the college days working with little to no budget


  3. dudemankind

    Anyone got an idea how figure a negative value for inexplicable losses and figure that into a new total?


  4. I believe we all have friends for whom the the ratio would be infinity….because any number (i.e. money spent on dates) divided by 0 (i.e. the number of times the weaselly bastard got laid) results in a ratio of infinity.


  5. Senator, was that a HS friend or a UVA friend?