Vols gonna Vol.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest those Fourth-and-1 Wednesday sessions aren’t doing the trick.

But, hey, Butch is on the mother.


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  1. Dawgfan Will

    Can we get on our moral high horse about this one if we were never accused of rape in college? Just want to check before I open a can of worms.


  2. Waiting to hear Herbie chime in


  3. Red Cup

    Brick by brick


  4. Bulldog Joe

    She will be pressured and will drop the charges. We have heard this song before.


  5. JCDAWG83

    I don’t see how being able to watch and stream CBS is a problem for the Vols.


  6. Macallanlover

    As much as I dislike TN I won’t take shots at them for the actions of idiots like Johnson and Pearson in the two rape cases. I think a feeling of entitlement that seems to surround athletes at schools, and professional sports, is the prime contributor and many teams are vulnerable to this almost every week as they face temptations that can dramatically impact them for the rest of their life. Hard for some to realize how significant those decisions can be.

    Certainly a consistency of dealing firmly with the issues seems to be the best protection for programs but I hope someone is compiling data to illustrate the “cost” to those actions in terms of lost dollars and personal freedom to players and making sure all athletes are exposed to that information. It won’t stop it totally but the fear of being denied “the life” so many dream of may be the strongest impact to get their attention. You have to be totally blind to not see how the attitude toward any abuse of females has changed in the past 2 years, yet it continues to make headlines regularly. This is TN’s second high-profile incident in six months so it looks worse for them, perhaps more so because they have had a history of sweeping issues under the rug. Forget the regular drug an violence issues, stories had Fulmer actually getting involved with interviewing (intimidating?)a rape victim when he was HC.


  7. mwo

    Peyton Manning just gave VFL $25 million. That should pay off a lot of victims and help defray legal defense costs.


  8. On the one hand, I’m inclined to say “Don’t rush to judgment” because she said/he said situations are often messy. Heck, I know of a recent situation at another (non SEC) school in which both male and female were so drunk that neither can credibly testify as to what did/did not happen but the female is making the allegation anyway because she and the accused were both passed out in the same bed (despite no physical evidence to back her up).

    On the other hand, per this article, there’s certainly a lot of smoke spiraling up from Rocky Top of late: http://www.knoxnews.com/govolsxtra/football/kpd-ut-receiver-von-pearson-suspect-in-alleged-rape_76618538