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Sunday afternoon buffet

Eh, why not?



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Spring game attendance numbers

You can find the SEC figures here.  Surprisingly, eight of the twelve schools that hosted spring games saw a decline in their numbers from 2014.  Maybe weather was a factor in some places, but, still, I’m a little surprised at the results from Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee.

On the other hand, can’t you feel the excitement building in Columbia and Gainesville?


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“A good field goal kicker in college football is often a luxury”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Seth Emerson’s trolling certain GTP trollers with this:

• Alabama, last year’s SEC champion, only made 14-of-22 field goal attempts and missed two extra points. Two years before that, the Crimson Tide won the SEC and national championships while making 15-of-20 field goal attempts.

• Auburn made 15-of-21 field goal attempts and missed one extra point during its run to the 2013 SEC championship.

Well played, sir.  Wish I’d have thought of it.


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