“A good field goal kicker in college football is often a luxury”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Seth Emerson’s trolling certain GTP trollers with this:

• Alabama, last year’s SEC champion, only made 14-of-22 field goal attempts and missed two extra points. Two years before that, the Crimson Tide won the SEC and national championships while making 15-of-20 field goal attempts.

• Auburn made 15-of-21 field goal attempts and missed one extra point during its run to the 2013 SEC championship.

Well played, sir.  Wish I’d have thought of it.



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9 responses to ““A good field goal kicker in college football is often a luxury”

  1. Cojones

    Yep. Let’s don’t waste our angst on kickuhs. Wait until we lose and then blame it on them.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Depends on how far in time from the actual event, Cojo. At the time of the miss against USCe, it seemed obvious to me, anyway.

      As time went on, the call before became the cause celebre, which morphed into a general whine about our offensive coordinator, which became a complaint about our institutional will.


  2. Bauta as holder has a good feel to it. Dial it up to #5 at 2:17. 😉


  3. playmakers in space

    Bama has also blown some close games they absolutely should have won if they’d had a competent kicking game.

    Having a good kicker to me is like having a good closer in baseball. If you’re a great team that is more talented than your competition, then sure, having a great closer (or kicker) is certainly a luxury most of the time. But get in those close affairs where the talent is evenly matched and the stakes are sky-high, and having the right guy in those spots is critical. Just ask Florida St. fans (or Braves fans) who remember the 90s.


  4. A great kicker may not win a championship, but the lack of one can certainly lose it. The NFL has so much parity, a reliable kicker is a necessity to win. It’s the same at the highest level of the college game.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    I can think of one feild goal attempt Bama wishes they made, ask any Auburn fan.