Spring game attendance numbers

You can find the SEC figures here.  Surprisingly, eight of the twelve schools that hosted spring games saw a decline in their numbers from 2014.  Maybe weather was a factor in some places, but, still, I’m a little surprised at the results from Alabama, Auburn and Tennessee.

On the other hand, can’t you feel the excitement building in Columbia and Gainesville?



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6 responses to “Spring game attendance numbers

  1. UFTimmy

    While I won’t argue your point with respect to excitement in Gainesville, I think part of the attendance numbers there have to do with the reports coming out of Gainesville in the weeks before the game.

    Everything I read said they wouldn’t actually hold a game, since they only had six healthy OL, and instead it’d just be drills.

    They announced two days before the game it’d actually be a game. I think most people had decided by then not to go.


  2. Athens Dog

    The Old Ball coaches age is finally coming into play. Almost time for them to start regime change


    • JCDAWG83

      He really crapped in his hat when he made the statement about staying 2 more years. They had recruits jumping ship like the place was on fire. The old ball sack might as well hang it up after this season no matter how the season goes.


  3. AusDawg85

    Georgia didn’t show up for the Florida game, why should their fans?