Sunday afternoon buffet

Eh, why not?



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10 responses to “Sunday afternoon buffet

  1. Timphd

    Eason has 32 TDs and only 3 interceptions. How good is that?!


  2. IndyDawg

    Wasn’t that nice of yahoo sports to minimize the LSU DB’s multiple drug test failures by planting the seed that “multiple” may be “2”. If it had been a Georgia DB, the headline would have started with “Mark Richt has lost control of….”


    • Russ

      If it had been Georgia, the article would have mentioned “troubled program” and “suspended for X games”, two things not written in the LSU article.


  3. Mayor

    The “Bama faces 4 teams that have an off week before playing them” thing is more than just a little disingenuous. Bama plays Wisconsin on a neutral field first game of the season. BOTH teams have the previous week off–it’s the first game, man!! The ULM Warhawks have the week off before playing Bama also, but I don’t think Saba is sweating that one much. Yes, LSU has the week off before playing Bama. The thing is…so does Bama. The only grain of truth to this story is A&M does have the week off before playing Bama and Bama doesn’t–plus the game is at A&M’s place. That might give A&M an advantage. I’m betting it won’t matter.


    • ASEF

      LA Monroe, Texas AM, Tennessee, LSU. Those last 3 games are in a row, with the bye before LSU that you noted.

      I only checked because I could not imagine Steele getting it that wrong.


      • Mayor

        You’re right ASEF! I missed the UT-Bama game also being one with UT having the previous week off but not Bama. Sorry for the oversight. At least Bama gets UT in Tuscaloosa. Again, I think Bama wins it without too much strain.


        • The bye week thing is not a big deal. We played 6 teams that had a bye-week before playing Bama in 2010 and still managed to win 10 games. Some years you get lucky with the schedule, some years you don’t.


  4. Cojones

    Yeah. Thought they would love to put Georgia in that group, but I knew we played Sout….uh…nevermind.


  5. Did the guy who called Georgia the QBU of the SEC consult the QBR stats for G-Day games? Don’t they know Richt and Bobo have no idea how to select a starting QB?


  6. Spike

    But, what kind of competition is Eason facing out there? C