And it’s always going to be a big deal.

Remember when Georgia had a home-and-home scheduled with Ohio State?  Remember when it got cancelled?  Ever wonder why?


You can scratch one possibility off the list: Ohio State.

Georgia and Ohio State had a memorandum of understanding to play in 2020 and 2021. But that was canceled by Ohio State, and McGarity said it will not be revived.

“Once Urban came in that was off the table,” McGarity said of Urban Meyer, hired as Ohio State coach in 2012.

It’s good there are no hard feelings, Corch.


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13 responses to “And it’s always going to be a big deal.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ohio State play a strong non conference opponent? Away? Are you serious?

    Plus, I’ll give you at least 4 to 1 that Corch isn’t even at Ohio State come 2020.


  2. Bob

    I can’t stand Ohio State. They have not played OOC opponents like USC usually does. And no, they don’t “always” play a tough opponent. But since 2002, they have played at NC State, Texas, USC, Washington, Miami and Cal. In general, I would take Georgia’s OOC over theirs…but that would be an all star schedule compared to the SEC West. As I said, can’t stand tOSU, but no one west of the Chattahoochee should say a word.


    • AlphaDawg

      I think their OOC schedule was YAWN one year. Youngstown St, Akron, Western Mich, and Northern Ill.


    • BMan

      I understand your point, and while overall it’s generally true, I think it’s slightly overstated. Going west of the ‘hooch, and in a shorter timeframe than 2002, LSU and Alabama have scheduled similar OOC teams. Since 2009, LSU has done home and away with Washington, plus played UNC, West Virginia, Oregon, TCU and Wisconsin. Since 2008, Alabama has played Clemson, VT, PSU home and away, Michigan, and Duke (ducking head over inclusion of Duke).


      • PTC DAWG

        Compare true road games vs the Power 5, UGA is myles ahead in this. No comparison.


        • BMan

          No doubt about that. I wasn’t comparing UGA’s OOC, just merely pointing out that there are a couple of teams in the SEC West that compare favorably to Ohio State when looking at OOC schedules.


      • TomReagan

        Alabama pushed that Penn State game back when they were having their struggles but had no problem taking on Penn State when the roles were reversed.


    • Will (The Other One)

      Of course their toughest OOC opponent last season went to OT tied 0-0 with Wake Forrest…



    Maybe something to do woth recruiting….as in not giving him a game in the South….that was my first thought after seeing that comment.


  4. TomReagan

    If historic stadiums means what it says and isn’t just a euphemism for ‘traditional powers’ then I’d love to play in the Sun Bowl. Beautiful setting… just don’t cross the border.

    Army would be really fun, as well.


  5. CannonDawg

    Wonder why Irving Myers would worry about an Ohio State series to be played in ’20 and ’21? He’ll be GM and Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns by then (the temptation will prove too much after winning all those nattys). And when he does leave OSU in 3-4 years, of course Bama’s Kirby Smart will be mentioned yet again as a possible replacement.

    The more things change . . .