“I don’t think [satellite camps] are objectionable.”

Read this story, and give me the over/under on the number of months it takes for the SEC to rescind its prohibition on satellite camps.


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  1. Monday Night Froetteur

    That wouldn’t help the SEC. The talent is in the south, this is an asymmetric threat.

    What the SEC could do is respond by suggesting that players should be able to receive endorsement income from third parties. The B1G’s administrators hate that idea, but players, recruits and families like it.


    • Monday Night Froetteur

      …con’t, look at who is lining up in favor of satellite camps:

      -Michigan’s HC (moderate to low talent state)

      -ND’s AD (extremely low talent state)

      -PSU’s HC (medium talent state, but the talent has been declining rapidly over the last 10, 15 years)

      This is an asymmetrical issue for the SEC, and the quicker they realize that and counter with something that benefits the SEC and hurts the B1G, the better.


  2. Oh how I hate Delaney. Whatever the rule is should implement limitations to all schools/conferences equally.


  3. BoroDawg

    Next thing you know, Michigan will not only have a satellite camp but will also have a satellite campus in the South. The football players will stay where it is warm and be flown back to Michigan for the games. Kinda like the way Alabama and Arkansas have two football fields and one campus but in reverse.


  4. Argondawg

    Not the question asked?…. I say the rule gets rescinded in the next 3 months and you see SEC teams cleaning up what little talent they have in those areas. You have to shoot across the bow. The camps probably won’t happen til next year.


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    “Delany mentioned oversigning, grayshirting, “flipping” committed players and 7-on-7 camps — all practices, not coincidentally, widely associated with the SEC -”

    Wait just a second…how in the world are you going to characterize that as ‘widely associated with the SEC’? Who associates them, Stew? You? If so, say that. If not, citations. How about this for cite?
    “Urban Meyer tries to flip his replacement”

    Or how about Meyer reported lying about his RB coach to a recruit

    Or Just go to 247.com and get all three..

    Flipping, Grey Shirts, etc.


    OR Maybe this one

    “Ubran’s Illegal Recruiting Tactics an issue for Bielema, Big 10”

    Here’s the quote from that one: “Badgers athletic director Barry Alvarez will speak Friday with Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany about Meyer’s recruiting methods during the league’s athletic director meetings in Chicago.”

    That must have been some conversation…

    I know Stew has un-beev-able access to Corch…I guess we know why now.

    Quote of the whole story goes the ND AD…

    “Swarbrick also suggested any potential legislation that would restrict coaches’ summer earning opportunities might face antitrust litigation”

    Yeah…..THAT’S the big issue in college athletics that might attract anti-trust scrutiny. Hi-larious.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Global War on Harbaugh (GWOH)

    SEC Central Command and Control Center (SECCOM)
    ESPN Branch HQ
    Charlotte, NC
    29 April 2015
    1638 hours/knock-off time

    “Shots Fired!”

    Because of Delany’s B1G invasion plan, controlling network execs tell New SEC Guy he is left with no choice other than to issue orders to the SEC West Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force (Nick, Bert, das Hat) to invade the North and destroy it.

    But first, to boost Task Force morale – in addition to listening to Paul – they need a go-to battle hymn

    followed by a little traveling music to pump them up


    • You Satellite / We Satellite.

      NFL lite is the SEC. Gonna hurt up north, what you do is take a few GSU and Central Fl coaches with you to scoop up a few 3-4 stars that aren’t SEC caliber but keep Them off the PSU and Michigan rosters.


  7. My guess is the SEC changes their rules during the upcoming meetings. They would be stupid not to and as long as the NCAA is going to allow it why not do what everybody else is doing.


  8. Keese

    Are the SEC coaches really that afraid Michigan or pennstate is going to make a real difference?


  9. ASEF

    The SEC could just hire someone to hand out free snow cones at each camp, with souvenir cups that say, “The average winter temperature in Michigan is colder than this snow cone.”