Georgia’s QB situation, in Richt’s own words

Per Seth Emerson, here’s what Richt had to say last night in Albany about his three options:

Faton Bauta:: “Guy’s been here working his tail off every day. He’s probably the hardest worker of the bunch. He’s really become a good decision-maker. He’s getting the ball to the right guy most of the time. He’s thrown very few balls, in a competitive setting, that should be intercepted. He hasn’t been careless with the ball. He understands the system, even though it’s relatively new he’s picking it up quickly. So he’s got a tremendous opportunity.”

Brice Ramsey: “Brice, when he does it right it’s beautiful. Big, tall, he’s got a beautifl throwing motion, he’s very athletic. And he’s really becoming a great student of the game. It’s just amazing to see him in meetings and how well he takes notes and how well he’s picking things up. Brice has had a little bit of a habit of throwing some balls into coverage, and he’s gotta do a little better job of taking care of the ball in that regard.”

Jacob Park: “(He) has got a tremendous skill set. Tall, long, athletic, can throw it extremely well. But he’s a little bit behind in the knowledge of the game. But like I told him, and I’ve said publicly, if between now and the time August 1 rolls around, when we start practicing, if he really gets that knowledge down and gets to where it’s second nature to him, he’s gonna throw his hat in the ring pretty strong.”

That sounds to me like he’s looking for a reason not to choose Bauta as the starter, but hasn’t found one.  Yet.

“But like I mentioned today, you’ve gotta be an accurate passer, you have to be a good decision-maker, but you also have to be able to handle the pressure of that job,” Richt said. “And until you get there in front of 90,000 and the millions on television, we don’t know how they’re going to handle the pressure of being the man. So even if we name one guy, those second- and third-team guys better hang onto their hat because they may be in there if the first guy doesn’t handle it well.”

I admit to being skeptical about the quarterback battle lasting into the beginning of the regular season. (Richt even told Emerson that he would have preferred to select a starter coming out of spring camp.)  But my skepticism is starting to wane.  All I can say at this point is that I hope one of the three takes command of the position during August.  Having to use the regular season to find out who can best stand the heat is almost a surefire recipe for losing a conference game in September.


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29 responses to “Georgia’s QB situation, in Richt’s own words

  1. I like looking at it this way…. We have three contenders, And the third ones the charm. Park will win out. I just feel it!


    • crazyoldladydawg

      Well my brilliant, wonderful son coaches pee wee football in Southeast Bumfreak, AL. He knows anything and everything there is to know about football in the south. He is in the know with coaches at all levels, at every program. He says that walk-on Sam Vaughn is the starter so you all can take it to the bank!! Roll ti.., I mean Go Dawgs!



    Chubb & Co will make the decision a little easier


  3. Otto

    He explained exactly why I like Bauta,


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Thought Faton looked smoothest @ G Day.

      At any other position having 3 such strong contenders would be considered a great advantage, not a problem that might cost us a win.


  4. Cojones

    Park and Cornwell were contenders as the best pocket QBs in the country with Park given the nod as best in that setting. Under heavy consideration from Bama, Park chose UGA and Cornwell was taken immediately after at Bama. Today, Cornwell has set his sights on becoming Bama’s starting QB while Park is still in contention for UGA’s starter. It will be an interesting aside to see if either or both will succeed.


    • What fresh hell is this?

      Next question is who’s going to transfer when Eason comes in and there are four guys looking for playing time.


  5. Rival

    Pffft. What does Richt know? He didn’t even mention G-Day QBR!


  6. Bauta = jt3.
    Ramsey = Joe Cox
    Park = Logan Grey.

    How did Richt let the cupboard get so bear. 😉


    • The Quincy Carter of Accountants

      Start Blake Barnes


    • PansyTheDawg

      Maybe Nick Chubb can also pick up where Todd Gurley left off at passing.


    • Otto


      Bauta = Green but with a running threat. I would like to see a read option with Bauta
      Ramsey = Stafford if he had a redshirt year with a little less arm.

      The cupboard is anything but bear. I’ve been saying and I’ll say it again Bama has won BCS titles with less talent at QB. Can UGA hold on to the ball for 3+ minutes at a time, minimize 3 and outs, turnovers, and win the field position battle.


    • That’s actually an interesting comparison. Regardless, I don’t think we’ll be any worse at QB this season than last. Hutson was never the reason we lost a game, even if he didn’t put the team on his back Marshawn Lynch style.

      CMR has lost control of bears in the cupboard.


    • Saxondawg

      I’m really, really hoping this is failed sarcasm, down to the nice detail of misspelling “bare.”


    • What’s all this talk about chubby gay guys in a china cabinet doing on this thread?


  7. Mayor

    IMHO Georgia can win the East with any of the three QB contenders at the helm. I’ll trust CMR and Schotty to pick the best one and, like CMR said, if he doesn’t work out they can insert the next guy. All that said, I believe that they have already decided on a starter but aren’t saying because they don’t want the other 2 to transfer. The Dawgs need them as back-ups..


    • Anonymous

      Always appreciate your brutal honesty, but if you want interceptions, who you gonna pick? We don’t need another Joe T or Joe C. Why would that kid from WA come here anyway? To redshirt to Ramsey, Bauta, Park?


  8. AusDawg85

    You have to go with whoever throws it the farthest and hardest. Ball control is for losers who just command high scoring offenses. I can hardly bare the suspense of who Richt will pick wrong.


  9. A great defense can make even the most game-manager-est of QB’s seem like world beaters. If Bauta can keep his cool, not turn the ball over, and hand it off like a boss, the team will be okay. That’s what 2002 Georgia did. I just don’t feel like Georgia’s 2015 season will come down to which of the three QB’s is the starter as much as it will the dominance (or lack thereof) from Pruitt’s defense. I don’t see many offensive juggernauts in the SEC this year. Georgia’s defense needs to be the backbone of the team. We won’t really know if it’s ready to do so until week 3.


  10. Cojones

    Amazing. People aren’t running to armed camps trying to make their pick of QB come true. The Mayor’s first sentence sets the tone for all the mature fans. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there will be cheering for each by all of us as to differing styles we like to see in the QB. If we haven’t picked solidly at QB engine for this train by the time season comes, we should just Park it. 🙂


    • Cojones

      Humor traffic is whatever we can bare, but Reipar’s punnyness has a nice set of legs. Personally, I can’t bare it any longer because it’s gotten shorter as I’ve aged.