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What’s in a number?

Ian Boyd has another informative post up, this one about how defenses are shifting away from traditional 4-3 and 3-4 sets into a variety of sets allowing them to better face up against spread attacks, get their best athletes on the field, or both.

For example, this one should sound familiar to us:

The 2-4-5 is ultimately a defense of specialization as the main pass-rushers are going to be the two stand-up edge rushers. The defense deploys them on the edge because that’s the easiest way to utilize a pure pass-rusher and they aren’t asked to do a great deal other than control the edge and provide pressure. The defensive tackles will tend to specialize in clogging up the interior and helping collapse the pocket while the linebackers are running free as support players.

Without access to the kind of elite pass-rushers that can attack the edge and overcome an offense’s best efforts at pass protection, the 2-4-5 is not a superior nickel package. It can also struggle against the run if defensive tackles aren’t sturdy or the linebackers are deficient. However, it is the simplest and best way to allow big, fast, and powerful athletes to impact the game and attack the quarterback.

Having access to elite pass-rushers isn’t going to be something Jeremy Pruitt worries about this season.  Struggling against the run?  Well, we’ll just to wait and see.


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Oh, wait.  They’re serious about that?


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SOD’s final Vol legacy

Derek Dooley, good on teaching personal hygiene, not so good on recruiting and developing talent.


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