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Warning: Picture may be NSFW.

Michael Carvell caught this little gem:

I’m assuming this is meant as some kind of taunt.  If it were a recruiting pitch, you’d think there’d be something about second chances in there.


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“Money is just money. It isn’t everything.”

I have little doubt about what will be the burning topic at this year’s SEC summer meetings.

“It’s a game-changing issue.”

Essentially, cost-of-attendance is a way for major schools to provide stipends to athletes without calling it an outright payment for services. It’s a reaction to several court rulings against the NCAA, including the Ed O’Bannon case, which have challenged whether college athletics are really amateur. The athletes bring in so much money, they should get a cut, lawyers have argued, and courts have agreed.

But not every school has the resources to provide stipends. So last year, the NCAA gave autonomy to the so-called power five conferences (SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12) to make their own rules. The schools have moved to do so for this coming school year.

The devil, however, is in the details.

“I think when cost-of-attendance came out and it was gonna be $2,000 across the board, it seemed like a good plan, and it made sense,” Georgia football head coach Mark Richt said. “That was in everyone’s mind, ‘Let’s get this cost-of-attendance thing going,’ because everybody visualized it being that very thing. Then it became something different than that, and it became a concern for a lot of people to have the equity involved in that area.”

Georgia’s cost-of-attendance has been set at $3,221 per year. That’s broken down as $2,346 for “miscellaneous living expenses” and $875 for transportation costs. The miscellaneous expenses include estimated costs for items such as clothing, laundry, cleaning supplies and a “communications package.” The information is culled from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, according to Georgia compliance director Jim Booz.

Georgia’s transportation cost is an estimated average calculated by assuming four trips per semester from Warner Robins, since it is a mid-point for in-state students. For out-of-state students, it’s a round-trip plane ticket to Chicago, chosen for its central location.

But Auburn calculates its cost-of-attendance at $5,684, according to its school website. Georgia estimates it is in the middle among SEC schools.

Why the difference? And how does each school calculate it? Well, that’s unresolved and something the SEC will seek to resolve in Destin, Florida, at its summer meetings.

“There’s nothing that I’ve seen that says this is how everybody computes it,” Richt said. “Everybody computes it in their own way.”

Making Jay Jacobs spell out Auburn’s fuzzy math should be a real treat.  Any guesses on where the typical Auburn student hails from?


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Gary Patterson’s postseason vision

Dennis Dodd has a story up that’s a clear indication that the eight-team playoff is a when, not if, situation.  The interesting part is what the TCU head coach suggests for a new format:

TCU’s Gary Patterson — always ready with an opinion — suggested the quarterfinals begin in place of the conference championship games on that first Saturday in December.

“If you’re going to an eight-team playoff, you’re going to take the [conference] championship away,” he said. “And they’ll be OK with it because with eight teams that’s going to make up [financially] for the championship game anyway.”


Per Patterson’s suggestion, four quarterfinal games would be played (this year) on Saturday, Dec. 5. That would give coaches time to recruit and for players to take finals. The semifinals would then commence as they are now in that Dec. 31 – Jan. 1 window.

“You have to play the quarters early,” Patterson said. “Everybody has finals, everybody has stuff that is going on. If you have an early signing date, you’ve got to play it then.”

I think we can call that the “Up Yours, Jeff Long” proposal.


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A bad idea whose time hasn’t come.

The SEC doing away with divisional play, that is.

The only argument you can make for it which resonates is that it would do away with the absurd gaps in scheduling the teams in opposite divisions that aren’t rivals have.  But even that’s something that could be easily dealt with by going to a nine-game conference schedule – and note that even Aschoff lamely acknowledges that.

Of course, if the conference ever did seriously contemplate such a move, while I have no doubt it would be sold as something the fans want, it would really be done in the name of maximizing the opportunity to place teams in the national playoffs.  So don’t discount the possibility entirely.


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Why am I posting about Everett Golson?

I hope this isn’t a thing, but it’s been reported that the former Notre Dame quarterback will be paying a visit to Athens on Tuesday.

Obviously, it’s a free country and a man can travel anywhere he wants to, but why in the world would Mark Richt and his staff spend any time with Golson?  It’s hard to see how he would fit in. He’s turnover-prone, which cuts against the grain of what Georgia’s fashioned on offense.  He has no experience running a pro-style college offense.

And that’s just the strategery side of the equation.  I don’t see how Georgia gives him a scholarship without creating a massive chemistry problem.  It would send a crushing message to the three kids who’ve been fighting for the starting position.  Then there’s the issue with Golson’s checkered academic past at Notre Dame.  Not only would UGA’s admission office have to swallow that, but the school would also have to get a waiver from Mike Slive to be able to have him enroll.

Does any of this really sound like something up Butts-Mehre’s alley?  Not to me, it doesn’t.

I can understand why Golson would have interest in checking out the Georgia program, sure.  But other than out of basic politeness, I can’t understand why Georgia would spend much time with him.  Luckily for Golson, if it’s SEC football he wants to play, he’s picked a good year to find a new school, as there are a few programs that would be able to upgrade the position with his signing.

Georgia isn’t one of them, though.


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They’re not playing our song.

This may be the most pathetic article about college football I’ve read this year. Which I admit is saying a lot… but seriously, what does it say about Georgia’s athletic department that McGarity is spending time trying to find his inner DJ?

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity was looking for such a song to energize Bulldogs fans inside Sanford Stadium but never found one to his liking. McGarity had been impressed during Georgia’s 2013 opener at Clemson, when the Death Valley faithful became exuberant whenever House of Pain’s “Jump Around” was played.

South Carolina has effectively cranked Darude’s “Sandstorm” for several seasons now, but certain songs seem to be connecting at some locales more than others.

“We tried several and engaged our students to identify what that song might sound like, but we never were able to really land on one,” McGarity said. “We are still striving to find that tune that will activate a certain response, so that’s still a work in progress. We’re always looking for ways to improve, but in general I think our staff did a good job of finding the right mix and doing so within the parameters that were outlined by the conference.”

Finding the right mix was the biggest challenge McGarity knew he would be facing this time last year, because a freshman student will have different tastes than a 40-year season-ticket holder.

“There are pros and cons to different styles of music,” he said, “and you have to take each under consideration and talk as a group about what’s appropriate and what’s not. It’s very difficult to do, because there are so many different age groups to cover.”

If canned music is what’s holding Georgia football back from reaching the next level – is that what got Tennessee to a bowl game last season? – we’re in worse shape than I thought.

Tell you what, Greg:  schedule less cupcakes, win a few more key games at home and I doubt anybody’s gonna care what the hell you choose to blast in our ears.

Hell, try this one on for size…

… it may not be as catchy as “Turn Down For What”, but at least it has the virtue of being honest.


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