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Eh, who needs wide receivers, anyway?

Blake Tibbs, gone.

If you’re a Georgia wideout who’s been in the program for three years and you can’t make hay with the depth opportunities currently available, that’s such a waste.

I hope he puts things together for himself, but, man.


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‘I’ve been in sports all my life, and I like the underdog.’

If you need more proof that “prudent government” is an oxymoron, the Utah Legislature has allocated $1.5 million in public funds to Utah State so the school can pay for its COA stipends.



UPDATE:  Too bad Utah State didn’t just lose its head coach(h/t)



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The most ominous sentence you’ll read today.

Alabama has yet to determine its cost of attendance, Saban said Tuesday.

Jeez… that’s like, in the sixties, waiting to hear how many nuclear warheads the Soviet Union could deploy.  You knew they had the bomb.  You just didn’t know how many they could drop on your ass if they wanted to.


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Golson, Golson, Golson

I know, I know… it’s the offseason.  But I sure am ready for somebody to take him and end all the speculation.

After all, when it comes to quarterbacks, it’s not as if we don’t have plenty to speculate about already.

“I think we’ve got guys who are capable of getting the job done,” Richt said, adding: “We’ve got three on scholarship, which is a number that’s not – I’d always feel better with four or five on scholarship, quite frankly, just as a normal practice. But we’re just in a year where we have three. So we hope that everybody stays healthy and I think we’ve got some outstanding ballplayers.”

Brice Ramsey, Faton Bauta and Jacob Park are those three quarterbacks. No one has been named the starter, with Ramsey and Bauta considered the co-favorites.

Richt has declined to tip his hand on who’s leading, or any sort of pecking order, and on Wednesday presented it as a three-man race.

“Right this minute we came out of spring still feeling like every one of them had the chance to be the guy,” Richt said, adding that they spoke to each player at their spring exit meeting on what they have to do to win the job. “I really believe this time between the end of spring and the beginning of fall camp is going to have a lot to do with who wins this job. So we’re just counting on our guys to have a great summer and be ready to compete.”

Later, Richt was asked if it would be a challenge to keep all three quarterbacks on the team once a starter is named.

“Oh I don’t know. I know they’re all right in the middle of this race,” Richt said. “I don’t think any of them would walk away from the opportunity they have at Georgia right now. We know that guys do transfer at all positions, not just the quarterback position. But I certainly wouldn’t be transferring when I’ve got the opportunity to be the guy. So I don’t think any of our guys would be thinking in terms of that.”


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Bobby Bowden’s momma didn’t raise no fool.

Confession time.

I bet hearing that gave Finebaum a major woody.


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If you’re in need of a little Dawg porn, this’ll get your day started.

Although I must warn you that if you’ve got a weak heart and a desire for the Dawgs to plug someone in at middle linebacker with some coverage and ball skills, this Roquan Smith post may be a little too much for you.


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Wednesday morning buffet

The chow line is open.


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