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You’ve got your agenda, and I’ve got mine.

Mike Slive’s last show sounds likes it’s gonna be loads of fun.

  1. Satellite camps.  The SEC is unhappy the rest of the world isn’t following its wisdom on the subject.  “It gets complex when that legislation is not national legislation, so we would like to see our rule become national legislation. The real question is if it doesn’t, what are we going to do? That’ll be basically one of the primary subjects. I don’t have an answer, but we hope an answer will emerge out of Destin.”  The answer is likely to be if you can’t get ’em to change their minds, join ’em.
  2. Graduate transfer.  Once again, the SEC has a stricter rule about something than does the rest of the country.  And it’s even dumber than you’d think:  [Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs] notes that no such rule exists for undergraduates with at least two years of eligibility remaining, even when they’ve had discipline problems.  “That doesn’t make any sense,” – especially at Second Chance U.  Will this change?  Maybe, but don’t underestimate the sanctimony of SEC presidents.
  3. The Chutzpah Award.  It goes to Mr. Jacobs, who wants a rule counting state-funded scholarships against athletic totals for sports like baseball and softball.  Why?  “This is an unfair competitive advantage…”  It won’t pass, but its real value may be in leveraging the next debate…
  4. COA.  The big, bloody brawl.  Interestingly, Slive doesn’t sound like this is a hill he’s ready to die on.  “We’re in an evolutionary period and the end result is that everything isn’t necessarily going to be the same for everybody,” Slive said. “That’s a difficult concept for them and it flies in the face of the experience of our coaches and our institutions for decades.   “The days of everything and every rule being grounded in a level playing field are gone.”  I’ve got no idea where this is headed.  Coaches like Richt and Saban feel very strongly about the issue, but, as Slive indicates, the math is a bitch.




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Great moments in preseason Heisman punditry

ESPN’s Alabama preview refers to Jake Coker as “a journeyman backup”.


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“Drinking town with a football problem”

And you thought yours was the only one.


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