Thursday morning buffet

Another day to indulge, campers.

  • I’m always amused when Will Muschamp talks about offense.
  • You will be shocked, shocked to learn that the SEC has come out against an early signing proposal for football.
  • Nick Saban clarifies his comment about bowl games.  Naturally, media misunderstanding is involved.
  • There will be no SEC-enforced cap on COA“We are constrained by the law,” SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said.
  • Here’s another hungry football player story.
  • Auburn’s not in on claiming more national championships.  Per Jay Jacobs, “Those players on those teams, like me in 1983, it doesn’t matter if you hang a banner or not. I know what we did.”  So why even explore the possibility in the first place?
  • If you’re looking for some well-crafted Gator snark, this should do.
  • Matt Hinton has an excellent piece here on the art of building an offensive line.


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24 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. God bless John Lastinger, but if we had a functional QB in 1983, there would have been no SEC championship in Auburn that year. It will always been 10-9 in Texas, but that team should have won its 4th straight SEC title.


    • Gee, I don’t know if I would lay that loss at Lastinger’s feet. He threw for 120 yards… completing 7 in a row at one point and that was better than wHat Campbell tossed for the ‘barners. It was our 51 total yards rushing that doomed the Dawgs. Bo Knows and Auburn pounded out 225 yards on the ground. In the end Georgia would finish 10-1-1 and 4th in the nation. Right behind the number 3 (11-1) Barners.


      • AHD, I think Lastinger is a DGD. If I remember correctly, he threw 4 consecutive bad incompletions after Georgia recovered the onside kick that gave the Dawgs a chance to pull out a win.

        When your defense only gives up 13, you should win even in 1983.


        • Lastinger also completed 7 out of 8 passes to finally put some points on the board and erase that egg that had been there for nearly 3 quarters. It’s an important note that Georgia’s running game had averaged 250 yards per game post Walker era and but was held to 51 yards on that day. Georgia’s D had held opponents to around a 100 yards a game. Auburn rolled up 261 yards between the hedges and held on to the ball for nearly 40 minutes of that day. At the end Dye knew Georgia wasn’t running it and everybody knew Lastinger had to pass.


  2. FU ought to be downright embarrassed. But then, the Gators used this type of scheduling to win 3 Natties during that timeframe, didn’t they?


    • truck

      That Florida scheduling fiasco ought to humiliate the HELL out of anyone associated with that school. Why doesn’t the media jump on factoids like that? That is flat out pitiful.


  3. Spike

    Is there a place more full of themselves, and self pity, than Auburn?


    • The Dawg abides

      Don’t forget most hypocritical. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they wanted to claim 2004 on the basis that USC was later put on probation, and claim 1993 when they themselves were on probation and bowl ineligeble.


  4. I’m breathlessly awaiting the inevitable dead horse beating comments from certain commenters around here about not making jokes at Will Muschamp’s expense because he won a game last year and poking fun at rival coaches that beat your team means you accept mediocrity and Richt underachieves or something.

    I think I covered all possibilities there.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Nice work Matt Hinton. It’s funny how important the offensive line and its building is so central to the success of an offense, but how little reportage it gets beyond sacks and injuries.

    Sixteen, huh….hmmm lemme see now, including walkons and things we got 15, plus however many incoming freshman.

    I’d add one more to the B’s Bonding


    • Bulldog Joe

      Very good article outlining the importance of chemistry, knowing and trusting what the man on either side is doing on each play.

      Easy to see why Georgia struggled during the years its self-imposed signing restrictions were in effect and the merry-go-round of linemen switching positions was in full swing.

      With a full roster, the switching has slowed down and Georgia has new coaches in place. We should see improvement along the line.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    With Slive’s and the SEC’s approval now official, I see Ole Miss has entered the COA sweepstakes.

    Saban, it’s your move.


  7. AusDawg85

    True story…Saban is on the range at a golf Pro-Am while a star PGA pro is giving tips. As soon as the pro says, “…and for you short hitters..” Saban tosses his club and stormed off. 😉


  8. Macallanlover

    I have yet to hear a solid reason why an early signing period is not an improvement. I hope the other conferences band together and stuff this down the SEC’s throat. I smell Slive, and his handpicked successor’s, role in this position. Good riddance to Slive, but I am afraid we didn’t upgrade.


  9. Bob White

    With reading of Barn article and Boom’s comments about practicing against tempo,etc. and prep for HUNH was curious as to Barn’s record against Pro-Style O’s since they went to that style in 2009.
    Against what I knew (no directional U’s/cupcakes)to be Traditional (QB under center for majority of snaps) Pro-Style O’s The Barn is 9-16 in that time span. and that’s with a NC team and Malzahn’s first team that had 1 reg season loss. (only 2 losses in those two reg. seasons)
    Apparently that sword cuts both ways in that prep & reps for Pro-Style is now becoming equivalent to prep & reps for 10th Ave Trade School O. Basically within SEC AK,AL,LSU & GA are last to employ this type of O for majority of snaps.
    It will be interesting to see if and how this trend continues.