Today, in amateurism

Shorter Joe Alleva:  It’s totally okay to exploit a high school kid with a marketing campaign to sell basketball tickets because he’s thrilled about it.


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4 responses to “Today, in amateurism

  1. Man – is this just “Joe Alleva keeps saying dumb shit” week or something? Or is that just what happens when he opens his mouth?


  2. DawgFaithful

    Wow. So the #1 Basketball recruit in the country, who is from the Orlando area has chosen to go to LSU over Duke, Kansas, UCLA and Kentucky.

    Yeah. I’m sure everything is on the up & up there. If the kid was from Louisiana then i’d be a little less skeptical. No wonder the parents are ecstatic about this. They’ve already been paid, and handsomely I would guess.


  3. Ant123

    I don’t think this is exploitation. I bet the young man is honored to be a part of it. At least I’ve not seen any evidence to the contrary.