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Homegrown’s all right with me.

Marc Weiszer’s got a piece up for the “why can’t Richt lock down the borders” crowd.

The Bulldogs coaching staff is hauling in recruits with a theme of locking down the borders of the state.

“There’s always a lot of great players in our state,” Richt said earlier this month. “This year in particular we think it’s very heavy, maybe more than most years.”

Georgia already has 2016 commitments from four of the top eight players in state, according to Rivals: No. 4 Stephens County offensive lineman Ben Cleveland, No. 5 Rochester, No. 6 Clinch County defensive end Chauncey Manac and No. 8 Archer offensive lineman E.J. Price.

“Sometimes you catch a little momentum that way and get the right guys that have influence of other kids in the state and they all kind of like each other, they all like the idea of playing together,” Richt said. “We’re selling that.”

Georgia also has in-state commitments from four-star defensive lineman Tyler Clark from Americus Sumter and five three-star prospects: Peachtree Ridge defensive back Chad Clay, Houston County wide receiver Darion Anderson, Creekside offensive lineman Aaron Dowdell, Peach County defensive back Tyrique McGhee and Lee County offensive lineman Chris Barners.

That’s 10 of the 13 commitments so far for 2016 from the Peach State.

The top two rated players in state, Savannah Christian athlete Demetris Robinson and Lanier defensive tackle Derrick Brown, are considered Georgia leans.

Georgia landed eight of the top 11 in the state in its 2015 class, but recruiters flock to the state to get a piece of the action.

Damn it, Mark.  You let three get away.


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Gap talk

If you’ve heard Danielson or Blackledge talk about gap responsibility on defense and not understand what they mean by that, here’s a nice primer on the subject at the Miami SBN site for you.

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The New Georgia Way: having the means to justify the ends

After the bowl game, we all noticed the dramatic change in direction that Butts-Mehre made on the management of the football program.  There’s been plenty of speculation about who did what to make that happen.

But maybe we should be giving some of the credit to ESPN.

Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity said it became clear by January that SEC Network money would roll in this year, earlier and larger than expected. That is when Georgia’s spending began to accelerate.

“We knew the revenue was coming in, so we knew we could cover those expenses,” McGarity said…

Another spending increase is in football recruiting. Georgia’s budget for next fiscal year allocates $1.25 million for football recruiting and coaches’ travel, up from the $638,000 that was contained in this year’s budget and was far exceeded.

“Call it a new approach. Call it a more aggressive style in recruiting,” McGarity said. “We responded to that and basically have budgeted what we have spent this past year.”

McGarity appears comfortable with both the revenue and expense sides of Georgia’s ledger.

“We are spending more,” he said, “but we really have been able to always work within our means.”

Spend like drunken sailors and keep the reserve fund purring along?  No wonder he’s comfortable.


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“The way we’re looking at it, we’re kind of like their future selves…”

Sean Bailey’s new project sounds interesting and has Mark Richt’s support.

“Our long-term vision would be able to touch all four classes – freshmen, sophomore, juniors and seniors and have a curriculum developed depending on what year they are in, dealing with the specifics they are dealing with at that time,” he said. “Short term, we want to start slow and develop something for the freshmen, an in-season program or out-season program where we met with them once a week or whatever and that initial pilot if what we are doing right now.”

This Monday, Georgia’s incoming freshmen will take part in a two-hour symposium where they will meet with former players that include Bailey, Rennie Curran, Richard Samuel, Jermaine Phillips and a number of others.

Among the subjects Bailey expects his panel will broach with incoming class include talks on relationship, mentors, academics, health, along with drug and alcohol awareness. There will also be breakout sessions where the young athletes take part in self-awareness exercises where they will discuss strengths, weaknesses, dreams, fears, successes and failures with talks on morality, values and beliefs.

Laudable.  And this is realistic:

Bailey feels having the opportunity to broach such topics with former athletes like themselves will help the freshman receive the message better than they ordinarily might.

“I know when I was at Georgia, sometimes Coach Richt would bring in this guy, he’d have a really good message but a lot of guys just couldn’t relate to him because he didn’t necessarily look like him, come from the same background,” Bailey said. “We’ve gone through all the struggles. We went from being highly, highly recruited, people telling us how great we are to coming on campus and you’re just of many five-star guys, etc, etc, etc. That high school workload is a lot difference once you get into college and you don’t have your parents over your shoulder making sure you’re doing everything.”

Bailey said his group is prepared for whatever questions their young listeners may have.

“As we did this we put together a focus group, we called about 15 guys that we played with, even guys like Hutson Mason and Michael Bennett, to go along with a guy like Jermaine Phillips who has been gone a while. We asked them what kind of struggles they went through, do they wish they were more prepared, just a wide array of things depending on family background situations, the recruiting situation,” Bailey said. “Academics was a big thing, choosing a major, it was a very, very diverse response just depending on the individual and that’s one of the things we feel we can really help with.”

Anything that gets an 18-year old to think sensibly about his future is a good thing in my book.  Best of luck with this, Sean.


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COA: The end is near?

The genie is out of the bottle.  Pandora’s Box is open.  The era of COA disparity is a thing now.  Presumably, every man jack out there recruiting for Auburn and Tennessee is waving a big, fat checkbook in the face of any four- or five-star recruit he comes across.

And yet, according to the 247 Composite Rankings, those two schools are merely running in the middle of the pack in the SEC. Georgia, in fact, is in route to its best recruiting class ever under Richt.

So a question for all you Chicken Littles out there:  if money is all that matters to these kids, why isn’t the sky already falling?


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You can’t always get what you want.

From the Rolling Stones concert in Ohio last night…

Mick, about that show coming up in Bobby Dodd Stadium:  don’t make me hate you.


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