ESPN College Football Final, I don’t know you anymore.

Well, things are certainly looking up.

Whatever the WWL comes up with as a replacement, it can’t be any worse than the Holtz-May clown show was.


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37 responses to “ESPN College Football Final, I don’t know you anymore.

  1. Mayor

    Rejoicing and dancing in the streets in college towns across the nation!!.


  2. tbia

    I was actually getting to like May a little more. I think he sat there for years sitting next to and playing second fiddle to a man who was incoherent at best and senile at worst.

    When he realized he should just ignore Lou and let him blabber til he had to wipe the spittle off, he improved.

    This new team does little for me. Not a Galloway fan


  3. Spike

    Thank God Holtz is gone. I would have liked to see Greg McElroy on the show. His comments and analysis are solid.


  4. CannonDawg

    “Kanell should be cautious and learn from his predecessor on just how easy it is to take those feuds with fanbases too far and become the story himself.”

    And they think Danny Kanell is an improvement?


  5. Athens Dog

    I guess I can start watching again……….


  6. Russ

    Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway? Gah! Shame to lose Rece Davis, he was solid, but I’m glad that smug ass-clown Chris Fowler is finally gone.

    Not sure this new group is much of an improvement, but now that Ohio St is back on top, they had to get some Big Televen boosters in there. Why not add Chris Speilman and Robert Smith as well?


  7. rob10274

    Just leave Andre Ware out of the mix, he would be worse IMO


  8. AusDawg85

    I love Minions. There…I said it.


  9. 81Dog

    Rece Davis was really good, and will be missed. I’ve heard Adnan on ESPN radio several times, and he seems like he will be fine. But, Danny Kannell? He’s the spoiled country club frat boy who loves stirring the pot just to annoy people. He loves to trash the SEC while pretending he’s not trashing the SEC. Joey Galloway should provide the same “objectivity” about the Big Ten that Midwestern viewers have gr0wn used to getting from Herbie and Des.

    On the other hand, the absence of Granny Holtz and MayDay has to be considered a plus. Listening to kittens being dropped in a wood chipper for 30 minutes would have been more entertaining and informative than those two ever were.


  10. Careful Brad

    With Kanell on the show I think I’ll watch the SEC Network show, now Tebow-free!


  11. Union Jack

    With Rece taking over Gameday – he is awesome by the way – it was time to blow College Football Final up but I have a feeling it will be more the same with just a different pitch in the voice.

    Adnan is very good and can pretty much do anything. He is Canadian by the way (like Saunders and Shulman) so don’t hold it against him later fellas

    But I think ESPN really missed an opportunity here to innovate and completely redirect this entire show to make it watchable. In most instances it doesn’t air until after 11 pm at night and then it is just a highlights show. Highlights are shown all day long – why do I want to watch another highlights show with commentary from boring and bland “personalities”? Who is really looking for insightful analysis at that time of night?

    ESPN for goodness sake do something, do anything different, please! I remember WTBS used to have short-lived football show on Saturday night. It was about 90 mins, aired around 7:30 and hosted by Bob Neal. It had Paul Hornung and Alex Hawkins (maybe some others) as the analysts. It was done in front of live audience from the Hank Aaron club at FulCo Stadium. The first half reviewed the news/highlights from college football and second half of the show previewed the next day’s NFL games. In reality it was just an opportunity for Hornung and Hawkins to cut up, make jokes, tell stories, and drink live on air. It was glorious and funny and different.

    Today is ESPN is filled with a bunch of sameness, bland, coached ex-ballplayer analysts who have any ounce of personality sucked out of them by the camera. Where are the Hornungs? The Brookshires? Please give us an Alex Hawkins or an Art Donovan. I know times have changed and Horning’s carousing stories probably wouldn’t last long today but at least he can tell a story. The problem with Tebow, or Pollack, or Mark May or Danny Kannell is that they can’t tell a story.

    Take a risk ESPN … don’t do the same highlight show. Annan Virk has bit of a personality. So does Van Pelt but maybe you go out a find someone who can be more. Let them host it and then go put two or three people next to them who have some stories to tell. Heck rotate them – put Bosworth and Switzer on the show with a couple of guys from U back in the day. Show some highlights but make it irreverent. Let them have beer or something stronger if they are so inclined – make it mirror what other folks are doing in sports bars and basements across the country at 11:27 pm on a Saturday night.


    • Will (The Other One)

      I think at this point shows like CFBFinal and Sportscenter pretty much exist for that dwindling slice of the demographic pie that doesn’t know how to view highlight clips online.


  12. Macallanlover

    I am not sure if ESPN realizes what fans would enjoy but it would be hard to be worse than it was with Holtz and May so any change is likely to help. May began to look better because Holtz was so awful. With a late night game running until 1:30 I haven’t really watched it the last 2-3 years anyway. Too much NFL/NBA/NHL type smart aleck banter for me on the WWL. The best part of ESPN is the broadcast crew for their Primetime college game each Saturday, falls off significantly from there. Wish there was a Southern based college football alternative, and no, the SEC Network doesn’t qualify either. FBomb has ruined that all who don’t live in Alabama.


  13. Fetch

    Couldn’t be any worse? How about a Jim Rome/Craig James combo? Or Paaaawl and Olberman? Please don’t jinx us like that.


  14. 69Dawg

    Danny Kanell and Joey Galloway, well I guess I won’t be watching that cluster F. Galloway is by far the biggest B1G cheerleader, even Herbie trys to be fair. Kannell is just an a$$hat, he trolls the internet picking fights with fans. He actually thinks the ACC is a real football conference because they have two teams. He is being promoted to continue to poke the SEC. Hell I’m too old to stay up that late anyway.


  15. PTC DAWG

    I watch actual games on Espn…not much else.


    • JCDAWG83

      I’m with you. Watching and listening to morons talk about football is mind numbing torture for me. I watch the games and that’s about it on ESPN and many times, I watch with the sound muted. It’s the same with the other networks too for me. Nessler and Blackledge are good but they are about the only two I can really listen to.


  16. “things are looking up” you say?

    With Galloway and Kanell? Are you joking?

    I didnt care for Mark May, but I would rather listen to him and Holtz than kanell and galloway. I guess Im the only one that liked Lou Holtz, loved him as a matter of fact.

    This is certainly not an improvement.


  17. Dog in Fla

    He works hard for his money