Monday morning buffet

Man, it’s already the first of June.


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18 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “Damn, I love hearing stuff like that.”

    Reminds me of the old lawyer joke where the punch line is “I just like hearing the sound of that.”


  2. Smitty

    Wow can you imagine having Nick Saban as a father in law!?!?! Haha that poor guy…..


  3. Bulldog Joe

    “financial aid provided to male athletes and female athletes must be ‘substantially proportional’ to the participation ratio”

    This is great news for the girlfriends and sisters of the Auburn recruits. You know, the ones having all those children.


  4. SJ

    ‘And this is just what any quarterback playing for Steve Spurrier wants’.

    An ear piece would be a whole new world for Spurrier. Can you just imagine the visor throwing verbal equivalent in between plays? And with that whiney, laryngeal-cancer, cleft palate voice?….’Gaddammit, you imbecile, just throw it away…throw it away….are you blind? Are you deaf you MF’er, what did I say? I’m coming out there and rip you face mask off and stick it up your ass you nutless D bag. Ya hear? Now run it right or I replace you, got it? Shit, damn…idiot. I just might quit after this game.’


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    “A number of high-profile law firms — led by Bond, Schoenick & King in Kansas City and Ice Miller in Indianapolis — have carved out a niche defending schools in NCAA proceedings or doing internal investigations to pre-empt sanctions.”

    Damn Bluto…with all the legal talent on GTP you oughta get you some a that.


  6. Slaw Dawg

    Cersei Lannister lapping water off a dungeon floor and now Florida’s middle of the pack program moaning about losing the facilities war. That makes for a pretty decent past 12 hours. Can I take the day off now?


  7. Why are we eliminating OSU as a possible opponent “because of Urban Meyer?”


  8. Judging by the talk radio hype generated by UT’s numerous moral victories over the past few years, I give UT the edge over Arky. But its close.


    • Mayor

      I think I’ll just wait for the outcome of the October 3 game between the two teams to say which team is better. Is winning that game the same thing as being a “sleeper?”