Phil Steele’s All-SEC teams

We’ve turned the calendar page to June and that means Steele’s publication is about to make its 2015 appearance.  To whet our appetites, he’s released his list of annual preseason All-SEC teams.

I knew if I waiting long enough, somebody else would do my heavy lifting for me, and, sure enough, here’s David Wunderlich to the rescue:

Team First Team Second Team Third Team Fourth Team Score
Alabama 5 3 1 3 34
Auburn 3 6 1 1 33
Ole Miss 4 1 3 1 26
Georgia 4 1 2 2 25
LSU 2 3 1 4 23
Texas A&M 1 1 4 2 17
Arkansas 0 3 3 0 15
Florida 2 2 0 1 15
Missouri 0 2 2 4 14
Tennessee 0 1 5 1 14
Mississippi State 2 1 1 0 13
South Carolina 1 0 1 1 7
Kentucky 0 0 0 3 3
Vanderbilt 0 0 0 1 1

I never agree with all of Steele’s picks on an individual basis, and this year’s hardly an exception.  (The quarterbacks after Prescott are a crap shoot, admittedly, but Mauk at fourth seems like a bit of a stretch.  And haven’t we been waiting for OJ Howard to emerge as The Next Great SEC TE for a couple of years now?)  But as an overall assessment of relative talent across the conference, I can’t say I find his results too out of whack.

Which doesn’t bode well for Steve Spurrier, does it?

And speaking of the East, if you go by Steele’s assessments, it’s hard to see Georgia as less than anything but the favorite to win the division.  That’s a pretty sizeable gap there between the Dawgs and the next highest team, Florida.

As for what he’s got with Georgia, it’s clear he’s really high on Greg Pyke, who I thought finished last season as Georgia’s best offensive lineman.  I probably would flip Sanders and Mauger from where he places them, and I can’t help but think Lorenzo Carter might be a little low at third team.  The guy with the most upside is Malcolm Mitchell, but with his injury history, he’s a real boom or bust pick, so fourth team is probably a safe place to park him for now.

Conference wise, if things are shaky at QB, they’re anything but at running back.  That’s a ridiculous list of talent at that position.

And the one area where I think Steele’s kind of mailed it in?  Defensive back, where three members of Alabama’s weak spot on defense made his top four teams.  The conference as a whole isn’t that weak in the secondary, so that strikes me as a little bit of a lean on Saban there.

What do y’all see there?


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13 responses to “Phil Steele’s All-SEC teams

  1. I Wanna Red Cup

    Demarcus Robinson, second team WR ? This is like having Driskel and the FSU QB transfer on the list. I bet he won’t sniff 4th team.


  2. Brownesman

    What shocks me is the constant praise of Tennessee. Just heard on XM Radio again how since they have a strength at QB, they are the favorites to win the East. I guess the rest of the team doesn’t matter then huh?


  3. DawgPhan

    Doesnt this just seem like steele wants to give everyone a trophy?


    • PTC DAWG

      Probably used a lot in the ranking of teams overall…shows depth…with 14 teams to study, I could see this helping in that regard.


  4. Macallanlover

    It’s what the post season awards say that counts to me but I agree, hard to disagree much with his overall talent assessments at this point. Auburn and Ole Miss look a little bloated to me though at quick glance. I think Steele defaults to star ratings (especially his own rankings) when there is no clear differences supported statistically.

    Spurrier has enjoyed nearly all of his seasonal successes when he clearly had talent edges, which explains his long running FU success and his brief SC accomplishments. He is such a great game day tactician that he can steal a few but overall, he whines when the odds don’t favor him. I don’t see him turning the recruiting snafu around at SC, he done.

    I agree that the SEC looks to be ours to lose, barring a 2013-like injury crisis, I think the real battle in the East will between Mizzou, TN, and FU for second. Mizzou has a schedule edge so I pick them for second, no one should have to watch them go to Atlanta again and have no chance to compete again. The West, on the other hand, looks like a multi-car crash with 4-5 teams having a chance to limp across the finish line. Should be fun to watch…..and wait. Can’t wait to get the Phil Steele bible in the mail next week, although I will be out of town when it arrives.


    • JCDAWG83

      I don’t know about the SEC, but it looks like the East is ours to lose. Of course, that is a pretty familiar refrain.


      • Macallanlover

        Yes, that was what I meant, a misspeak for sure. But I don’t see anyone in the West that would be a really bad matchup for us (at this point). So while the SEC isn’t ours to lose, we have pretty good odds as I don’t see a clear favorite in the West and getting there is a big part of the equation.

        We will know a lot about our ability to stop the run after the Bama game, and our OL will get a significant test against their front 7. None of this speculation means a lot in June, but it is nice to feel no one team has a clear edge over UGA as we go into summer.


      • Irwin R. Fletcher

        Again…slow reaction time today, Debbie Downer.


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    No Freshman. that I saw…there are always a few FR and SO that outperform the ‘established’ uperclassmen.

    I think UGA is light on the defensive side of the ball. There is going to be one or two guys that pop on that list that no one is talking about…I could also see Mauger or Sanders dropping off if they don’t have the performance that they did last year.

    I think Chubb finishes 2nd team because Michel has a nice year. I don’t see why Collins-Williams is better than Chubb-Michel. I keep going back to the Clemson game…I think they lined up Sony in the slot a couple of plays. (am I hallucinating?) I just think we’re all expecting the Gurley/Marshall script here…one guy blossoms while one guy levels/drops off…and I don’t think that’s going to happen this year.


  6. tbia

    So, Auburn has 5 of the top 22 defensive players in the conference. I don’t see it.


    • Macallanlover

      They have a really great DC this year, havent you heard? No way we can score fiddy on them.


  7. Here’s one Alabama fans perspective on Steele’s Bama DB selections:

    I’ll admit that I’m no football genius. But what I’ve seen of Eddie Jackson in no way makes me believe he should be first team All-SEC. I’d argue he probably shouldn’t even be listed on the 4 deep here, given the talent in the rest of the league. Steele must have only watched the Bama-Ole Miss game from Jackson’s freshman season when making this selection.

    Jones was our best DB last year and I think both he and Brown are getting credit for the improvement they showed over the season (and year-over-year for Jones). That said, Brown probably doesn’t belong on the list until he’s proven to be more consistent. Jones is probably rated correctly.