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One door opens, another closes.

If you’re wondering where Greyson Lambert’s spot on the roster is coming from, wonder no more.


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If it’s not you, it’s them.

To be fair, Greyson Lambert deserves to have his departure put in some context.

… And as colleague Andrea Adelson noted, the QB spot has been among the biggest reasons London’s program has struggled the past three seasons, with three different signal-callers leaving Charlottesville for other destinations.

The difference between those transfers and the latest one? Michael Rocco ended up at Richmond, Phillip Sims went to Winston-Salem State and David Watford landed at Hampton.

None of those are FBS programs, let alone SEC programs, which makes the Lambert experiment in Athens all the more intriguing.

Stability at the position has not been the Virginia offense’s middle name during Mike London’s tenure (or even before).  Consistent departures would seem to hint at some broader level of dissatisfaction with how quarterback development has been handled.

So rather than this being about his girlfriend, perhaps Lambert decided that if London wasn’t willing to stick with him, the least he could do for himself would be to land with a program that at least has a clue about how to develop quarterbacks.



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R U experienced?

Georgia manages an unimpressive 102nd on Phil Steele’s list of 2015 % of Lettermen Returning.

It could be worse.  Like it is in Florida’s case.


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So this must be what Mike Slive meant by a level playing field.

It’s a shame he thinks this is in the past now.

There have been three Rivals100 Five-Star Challenge events the past three years, and of the 240 players who were entering their senior year at the time of the camp, 237 signed with a Power Five school (99 percent), including all 160 over the past two summers. [Emphasis added.]

Good times.


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“I was in here the other morning and he was in here snapping the ball.”

Here’s a quote that’ll give you the warm ‘n’ fuzzies:

Added Richt: “Until we really nail down who the starter is at each spot, you’ve got to rotate. We tend to rotate them around anyway. We want each quarterback, the top three QBs, rotating with the top three centers, at least in pre-practice snap drills…Sooner or later, when you finally say this is the center, this is the starting QB, they’ve got to get a lot of work.”

Geez.  What’s the over/under on bobbled exchanges in the season opener?


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This time they really mean it.

Andy Staples has a good read on the NCAA’s response to the North Carolina academic debacle and how that relates to the “integrity of the NCAA Collegiate Model”, whatever the hell that is.

The saddest thing here – and everything involving NCAA enforcement seems to share this – is that the hard part isn’t figuring out that something egregiously wrong happened; it’s figuring out what the NCAA will do in response.

Andy’s money (literally) shot:

It’s a safe bet that neither the men’s basketball nor football program will get the death penalty or anything of that ilk, because canceled seasons mean the ACC can’t fulfill the terms of its media rights agreement, which will bring in an average of $260 million a year to the league’s schools through the 2026-27 school year.

Too big to fail, college athletics edition.


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Friday morning buffet

Grab a plate and get in line.


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