The most important game this season?

Jerry Hinnen looks at projected win totals for this season in the SEC East and has this to say about Missouri:

Missouri, 7.5 wins (over -180, under +140)

So: the Tigers weren’t as strong as their record last season. Maty Mauk was erratic even in the best of times. The receiving corps has been decimated by graduation (again). At some point, surely the well of NFL-caliber defensive linemen will dry up. At at -180, that over is pricey. No matter: after picking the Tigers to go under each of the last two seasons and being woefully, woefully wrong both times, I’m not doubting Gary Pinkel again — especially when the outstanding Barry Odom has taken over the defense … Southeast Missouri State, Arkansas State, UConn, Kentucky and Vanderbilt are all on the schedule … and South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi State, BYU and Tennessee all come to Columbia. OVER 7.5 WINS.

I’m not saying the Missouri game in Athens is the biggest game of the season – that’s obviously Alabama – but in terms of winning the East and given Missouri’s track record the past two years, I am thinking that one may be the game Georgia has to have to win the East.

I know, I know… 34-0 last season didn’t wind up meaning squat.  But Georgia would have been eliminated from the division race much earlier had it lost both Columbia games.  Beating South Carolina (or losing, for that matter) hasn’t been a key to winning the East for Georgia.  I’m not sold on Tennessee being back on top in 2015.  And Florida appears to have a ton of issues that a Georgia team that doesn’t show up with its head up its ass should be able to take.  That leaves Pinkel’s Tigers.  Given the relative strength of their schedules, Georgia giving Missouri a two-game margin with the tiebreaker is something I’d prefer not to risk.


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20 responses to “The most important game this season?

  1. Macallanlover

    Hard to argue with that, Mizzou isn’t going to be a top competitive team to represent the East but that hasn’t stopped them so far from going to Atlanta and laying an egg. Given their schedule, we probably do need that game more than Bama to win the East. But then, I think we will handle Mizzou. Might not be 34-0 again for a long time, but we should win by 10+ at home (on paper, in June that is.) 🙂


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Most important game of the season my ass…its the most important game in the history of Georgia football…that week.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Mizzou has a huge advantage over us. They don’t have their game circled in red on their opponent’s schedules. Let’s face it, our annual opponents like scu, fu, ut, aubie, and gtu give us everything they’ve got. Beating UGA (when it happens) is considered one of the biggest highlights of their seasons. The team members and fans don’t really give a ship about mizzou.

    Don’t agree? aubie brags about the number of GA players on their roster. On the rare occasions gtu beats us they get fricken commemoration rings. fu’s coaches have to answer presser preseason questions about the next JAX game. And I have no doubt sos started working this year’s UGA gameplan before the final whistle of last year’s game.


    • Grayish

      All programs likely feel the same way. I’m sure we’re a target for all but who isn’t ? Fu can’t lose to fsu like bama can’t lose to auburn. Every week is important in the SEC.


  4. hawkeye

    Missouri is gonna do it again and it will be 3 in a row. I chose Missouri winning the east again. I found no reason for them not to do it. There is no doubt that Coach Pinkel is the best coach in the east and that would go a long way. They have done it and they will do it again until proven otherwise.


    • Mayor

      All you have to do is look at Mizzou’s schedule, then look at Georgia’s schedule. Mizzou has a decided scheduling advantage. If Mizzou were to beat Georgia, the Dawgs would be toast for winning the East. Even if the Dawgs were to beat Mizzou, it’s not a certainty the Dawgs will win the East and Mizzou doesn’t. See 2013 and 2014 for proof of that.


  5. Mike Cooley

    Missouri will not win the east. You heard it here first. They got damned lucky last year.


    • hawkeye

      that is what everyone thought, but that is not what it turned out. Just because a team has more talent doesn’t mean it is gonna win. if that is the case, Missouri wouldn’t have done it last year. There is another element in the game which is the most important and it is called coaching. Missouri coaching has been excellent and Pinkel is a much better coach than Richt.

      Luck might be involved in winning first time, but winning two in a row? that is not luck that they won last year.


      • Pinkel really out coached Richt last season on the field in Columbia. Oh, wait …


        • hawkeye

          Give the players Richt has to Pinkel or give the players Pinkel has to Richt.

          I always wonder what Richt could do in a place like Missouri, Ole Miss, Miss State, Vanderbilt, or even Tennessee etc.


          • Macallanlover

            Thanks for the humor. Prepare to be 1-3 against UGA, and damned fortunate in that one upset. SEC rolled over for Mizzou last season IA&M handed it to you, TN was awful and couldn’t man up at home, and Bert kept a crippled QB in against you long after it was obvious he should have been pulled. Dawgs will roll your butts but it is funny hearing a Tiger fan talk trash to their Daddy.

            But when, and if, you win another East title, come to Atlanta prepared to represent the East on the field and not just run your mouths. That was too pitiful efforts your team and Pinkel put up.


          • It sounds like you believe whenever we win, it’s the players. When we lose, it’s the coaches. Richt recruited those players. You don’t beat a team 34-0 on the road with just players. You have to have a great plan and we did. Give him credit for that win just like I’m sure you put the blame on him for Jacksonville.

            If CMR had gone to UT in 2001, the Vols would have never missed a beat. The other places, who knows?


          • I always wonder what Richt could do in a place like Missouri…

            I bet you don’t wonder very long.

            But if you’re in the mood to speculate, I’ve got an exercise for you.

            Despite Georgia blasting them last season, you’re convinced that Missouri’s superior record to Georgia’s over the last two of three seasons since Pinkel’s been coaching in the SEC, together with more trips to Atlanta in that time, make him a superior coach to Richt.

            During that same time, Georgia got blasted in Columbia, SC, but still went on to win the division. Georgia’s had a better record than SC two of those same three seasons and Georgia’s played in the SECCG more than South Carolina during that time. By your standards, does that mean Richt is a better coach than Spurrier?

            I’ll hang up and listen to your answer.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    I believe the road team has won all the games in this short series. Got to break that trend.


  7. Mike Cooley

    Pinked is a tool. His little titter when he found out that we lost to FU makes me wish we would hang 50 on them


  8. CannonDawg

    Hanging 34 on them last year was good enough for me. I’d take a field goal at the end to beat them this year. Hell, I’d take a field goal at the end to win all the SEC games. Then hang 50 on the jackettes and make a return trip to Atlanta the next very weekend.


  9. Bahits Dawg

    Call me cynical, but Missouri’s downfall is going to come hard and furious. Yeah, they have a weak schedule this year – again, but I they will soon see another year like their opening year in the SEC. Maybe, it is this year.

    The Dawg’s stomping of them wasn’t an accident. The year before, we had a disproportionate number of injuries and still almost beat them. They backed into the SEC game both years and embarrassed themselves.



  10. Reminder....Not all Dawg fans are UGA grads like me

    Not enough room for error on this schedule with our normal two blown games out of nowhere each season. Doesn’t matter if we wipe Mizzou off the map, we still shoot ourselves in the foot somehow. I know, I know.This makes me a “Troll” because I try to be a realist and not drink the Kool-Aid from one of those helmets with the two cup holders with straws on each side like some of our fan base.


    • It doesn’t make you a troll unless you repeat the same cherry-picked stats over and over again and quote G-Day QBRs as the basis for your expertise on QB ability.