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“Chaplain Tim removes his red Georgia Bulldogs cap and offers the blessing.”

Helluva story here on Tim Worley getting his life back together.


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The cockiest people in college football?

Jim Harbaugh’s grabbing post-camp commitments in Alabama.  His staff is smack talking Ohio State assistants.

You gotta say Michigan doesn’t lack for moxie right now.  Imagine how insufferable it’ll get if they actually beat OSU.


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Second thing, do no harm.

Mark Richt’s already got one Heisman Trophy candidate on board in Nick Chubb.  He’s not looking for a second one right now.

“I’m not looking for somebody to be a hero,” Richt said. “And it’s hard sometimes when you’re competing for that quarterback job not to want to make a big play, do something where they start oohing and ahhing. You have a few of those plays, but every fourth or fifth play you throw a ball that could easily get picked off or gets picked off. The guy’s not going to win the job, or if he doesn’t progress properly, if he starts making up his own stuff, he’s not going to play.”

Richt was quick to point out that Georgia ranked fourth in the nation in turnover ratio last year.

“Part of it is we didn’t turn it over much,” said Richt, whose team ranked tied for seventh in the nation for fewest turnovers lost and tied for ninth in fewest interceptions thrown with six. “If you don’t give games away, you’ve got a chance to win ’em.”

All true.  But can you really get a definitive answer to that in a month of summer practice?



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First thing, do no harm.

I know you guys mean well with this, but at this point, I’d settle for the people running college football not doing any more shit that makes the game worse.


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