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With a little bit of luck

I know the immediate reaction to this post at Team Speed Kills about underachieving and overachieving teams in the SEC West will be “ooh, Arkansas”, but I can’t help but chuckle over Auburn’s eight wins zeroing out as a Pythagorean differential.  After all, isn’t that pretty much what we all said about the Tigers if Gus lost that ginormous rabbit’s foot of his?



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Jim Harbaugh isn’t done trolling yet.

Michigan’s head coach claims he doesn’t know WTF PAWWWLLL!!! is.

Jim, Phyllis from Mulga would like to have a word with you.


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“I’m still learning what my area is. I’ve got an idea.”

As much as we’ve focused on Brian Schottenheimer’s transitional efforts in Athens with the offense and quarterbacks, it’s worth keeping in mind he’s still getting his feet wet on the recruiting trail.


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First Chance U

You may not remember this story about a Florida high school recruit, , who got in trouble while attending last year’s

This post isn’t about chastising Salomon – indeed, I have to give him credit for manning up and writing Mark Richt a two-page letter of apology about the incident – but instead to mention that despite the charge, which the kid now apparently admits had some validity, he’s got an impressive list of offers out there.  Including one from noted straight talker Nick Saban, who, just this past week, was heard bemoaning the wreckage the new SEC transfer ban on serious player misconduct was going to cause on the recruiting front.

I guess Saban’s figured out if he signs someone who misbehaves later, at least nobody else in the conference will be able to offer a second chance.  Give the man credit.  He knows how to work every angle.


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A Yellow Jacket state of mind

I’m trying to figure out my favorite part of this quintessential Georgia Tech blog post – I’m torn between asking “If you were born in Europe and decided to choose an American college team to be a fan of, which would you choose?” and the admission that the author has “never knowingly heard a Rolling Stones song” – but regardless, I’ve got to say that it’s amazing how one season has turned around the perception of Paul Johnson with the Jacket faithful.

A year ago this time, there were more whispers about buyouts and ADs not being in Johnson’s corner than you could shake a stick at.  Now he’s the toast of North Avenue.

Judging from history, last year’s win between the hedges ought to be good for at least three years’ worth of good will.  Talk about convenient timing…


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Today’s haves vs. have nots story

At Middle Tennessee State, head coach Rick Stockstill proposes that he forego a $100K raise for a few years to make sure the school can afford to pay for the cost of attendance stipends.

Meanwhile, Christmas comes early in Happy Valley.


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“You ever seen a Lamborghini commercial. don’t gotta advertise.”

Nick Chubb, ladies and gentlemen… Nick Chubb.



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