Tuesday morning buffet

Buffet away, dudes and dudines.


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12 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. AlphaDawg

    A signing bonus for University Presidents? WTF. Why are they getting signing bonuses?


  2. sniffer

    Can we please just go to Jax and beat the ever lovin’ s–t out of UF this year?


  3. JCDAWG83

    It’s obvious the ajc is pushing Seth to write BS, click bait articles about Georgia. Of all the “no shit Sherlock” things to write about, the majority of fans are not alumni. I could have told them that without any absurd facebook “research”.


  4. AusDawg85

    The guys at RBR have wayyyy too much time on their hands.


  5. Mayor

    Like Staples said and the Senator said, UGA better beat Mizzou or the Dawgs can kiss the trip to Atlanta good-bye.


    • As fans, we better get our @$$3$ out to Sanford for the game against Mizzou as opposed to 2 years ago where our home crowd sleepwalked into the stadium and provided zero home field advantage.

      I hope that’s a late afternoon/early evening game where we can get the place rocking.


  6. Ben

    Study: Lots of Tech Graduates Aren’t Fans, either.