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“Jacob hasn’t 100 percent made up his mind yet.”

Maybe he just wants more attention from his coaches.

And I worry every year there won’t be anything to post about mid-June.


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“They don’t get to say whether they’re our rival or not.”

This is hilarious.  Insane, but hilarious.

The kicker is, if Diaco’s obnoxious enough about it, I can see the general irritation level rising to a point where it in essence becomes a rivalry.

And you think football coaches don’t have any free time on their hands.


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Hot seat talk

Hot seat lists are generally a waste of time to compile and/or read, and this one’s no exception.

I mean, in a league with an entire division of coaches making $4+ million a year, there’s always a decent chance somebody winds up with a fair amount of grumbling directed at him.  But Spurrier or Malzahn?  (And could Auburn afford another staff buyout, anyway?)



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When they were good, they were very, very good, but…

From Bill Connelly’s Ohio State preview:

For this year’s preview series, I began using percentiles as a way to communicate how well a team played in each of its games last year. It is a useful concept — most of us understand percentiles thanks to standardized testing — and it gives us some clues to how a team’s final ratings came to pass.

Only five teams put together 90th-percentile performances in at least 60 percent of their games last year.

Percentage of 2014 games in the 90th percentile or better
1. Ohio State (73%)
2. Alabama (71%)
3. Ole Miss (69%)
4. Oregon (67%)
5. Georgia (61%)

That’s some pretty rarefied air there.  Ole Miss, besides its performance dropping precipitously towards the end of the season, had the misfortune of playing in the same division as Alabama, so it’s understandable that the Black Bear Rebels didn’t show up in the postseason.  But, damn, Georgia, what’s your excuse?

Of course, this is entirely consistent with Connelly’s lofty projection of Georgia’s quality entering into this season.  And none of us are going to be surprised if 2015 turns out to be another case of lather, rinse and repeat when it comes to the tale advanced stats tell about a season of Georgia football.  At some point, this team, players and coaches both, has to quit whiffing at the most inopportune moments and simply play in a manner consistent with the sum of its parts.

As to when that time may come, your guess is as good as mine.


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Out of the Park

So Georgia is back to three scholarship quarterbacks, evidently.

… And Tuesday, Jacob Park announced via social media that he intended to leave the Bulldogs.

“I just want to say thank (you) dawg nation and everyone else who made my stay in Athens special. Never will forget the people and friends. Time to move on and turn the page to the next chapter. Go Dawgs.”

I say evidently because there’s been no comment from the staff yet and because Park’s dad sounds like he was caught off guard by the announcement.

“I can’t tell you what’s up because I don’t know what’s going on myself,” Adam Park said. “I have no clue where this came from. I don’t know nothing about it.”

Jacob Park did not answer phone calls or return text messages. Asked if he believed the report to be untrue, Adam Park said emphatically, “I do.”

Obviously, the speculation immediately runs to the arrival of Greyson Lambert and the anticipated signing in next year’s class of Jacob Eason, but I simply wonder how much of this is the result of a change in offensive coordinators.

Traditionally, this has been a program that has cherished every quarterback on scholarship – think about how many quarterbacks have waited their turns to get in one year as the starter under Richt – so to think that Park, who may be raw, but clearly has some talent, is flying the coop without some serious discussion between himself and whomever he takes guidance from seems a little out of character from what we’re used to seeing.  Not to mention I can’t really think of another Georgia quarterback who ran out of patience waiting for a chance to play as quickly as Park has.

In any event, if Park believes he needs a chance of scenery, all I can do is offer best wishes and hope things work out for the best for him.  Speaking of hope, it would be nice if Georgia’s quarterbacks managed to stay healthy all season in 2015.


UPDATE:  Per Weiszer, here’s Park’s high school coach’s take on the situation.

Stackley talked to Park’s parents last week about the possibility of a transfer.

He said the Georgia quarterbacks were “kept in the loop” about the staff wanting to get four scholarship quarterbacks on campus.

Adding Virginia graduate transfer Greyson Lambert “probably didn’t send a very good message to some of the younger guys and of course he’s the youngest guy there.”

Kind of a chicken and egg thing there.  Did the coaches want a fourth QB because of worries that someone would leave, or did Park leave because of four quarterbacks?


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