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Jacob Park looks for a place where the grass is greener.

It’s official now.

I guess he finally took Richt’s phone call.


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Satellite camps and pearl clutching

Personally, I think the angst over satellite camps is overblown to the point of silliness and not worth keeping close watch on… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get a huge chuckle reading Brian Cook’s smackdown of a Roll Bama Roll post about Harbaugh’s trip to Alabama.



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“And, it will enhance the fan experience at Terp games.”

Maryland intends to join the ranks of beer providers at football games, because, you know, it’s all about being able to “enhance the fan experience in the facilities”.  The fact that the school will make money is just an added bonus.

I do like that there’s an egalitarian side to this.

In 2008, the university decided to allow beer and wine sales starting in the 2009 football season in Byrd Stadium’s 64 new luxury suites. That policy — similar to policies at many other schools — states that suite sales must be carefully monitored, sales personnel trained and certified, and drink maximums enforced.

“Beer and wine sales are already available to the hundreds of fans in the boxes and mezzanine level at our sports venues,” Loh noted in the letter. “This proposal will extend that option to fans seated elsewhere.”

Of course, there are those who don’t think the plebes can hold their booze.

“We told them we didn’t think it was a good idea,” Charles W. Caldwell III, chairman of the county’s Board of License Commissioners, said Wednesday of being briefed recently on the plan. “I don’t think they paid any attention to us.”

Maybe it’s because you don’t pay as well, Charles.


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Happy anniversary, conference realignment.

Had I thought about it, I’d have baked you a cake.

Stat of the day, from Stewart Mandel:

Today, 43 FBS schools — 33.6 percent of the current membership — compete in a different conference than they did five years ago. Along the way, one league (the WAC) died, while another (the former Big East) lost its name (it’s now the American Athletic Conference) and its privileged postseason status. All 10 remaining conferences include at least one team they did not claim in 2010.

But, of course we know today that paying players would lead to real chaos.


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