Happy anniversary, conference realignment.

Had I thought about it, I’d have baked you a cake.

Stat of the day, from Stewart Mandel:

Today, 43 FBS schools — 33.6 percent of the current membership — compete in a different conference than they did five years ago. Along the way, one league (the WAC) died, while another (the former Big East) lost its name (it’s now the American Athletic Conference) and its privileged postseason status. All 10 remaining conferences include at least one team they did not claim in 2010.

But, of course we know today that paying players would lead to real chaos.


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13 responses to “Happy anniversary, conference realignment.

  1. AusDawg85

    It wasn’t about the money, it’s for the children.


  2. Mayor

    It ain’t over, either. Just wait and see.


  3. Charles

    Well, it would. But that wouldn’t necessarily make it wrong.


  4. At this point, considering how infrequently SEC teams play cross division opponents as wells the control give to the Power 5 conferences, I am in favor of blowing it all up and creating 16 team conferences with only the big time programs. Traditions are being tossed aside for money. TV controls 90% of the decisions being made. Attendance is declining. Athletic departments across the land are focused upon their bottom line with little attention paid to those giving their money. In for a penny in for a pound. Stop tiptoeing in the water and just dive in. This will truly separate the big boys from those just chading the dollar (I looking at you UGA).


    • I think people forget history. Before conference expansion we played UT 20 times. Let that number sink in for a second. Two of the founding members of the SEC played 20 times in about 90 years. If not for conference expansion we do not have one of our best rivals.

      Basically the lack of frequency in playing conference teams has nothing to do with conference expansion. It is the history of the SEC. I guess we should have blown up the whole thing a long long long time ago.



    1/3 have moved, wow.


  6. MGW

    There are a lot of dead rivalries, but there are plenty more getting in the way of each team’s playoff hopes that still must be killed.

    Georgia Florida: top of the list.. Got to go. Georgia would have been in the BCS a time or two in the early 2000’s if it weren’t for that damn game in Jacksonville.

    Iron Bowl: Too many to count. Most recently Cam Newton and Nick Marshal each had to pull off miracles to get in. Could have used some rest before the post season. Really no reason for either team to play – plenty tough schedules otherwise to just throw a wild card rivalry game that could be lost any year in there.

    How many times recently has the South Carolina game killed a Clemson season; no way – get rid of it.

    Notre Dame Michigan: thank got that one’s gone – now there’s really no reason to watch Notre Dame.

    Really there’s too many to list, and if you keep just cutting them out one by one at this pace, new ones will start cropping up like Georgia South Carolina and A&M Alabama. Seriously, just keep any top 25 teams from playing each other ever, with a maximum 5 games per year against Power 5 teams, then take the top 32 undefeated teams at the end of the year and have a playoff. Everybody’s “in it” all year, right up till selection day!


  7. hassan

    I just hope that they protect the UConn / UCF rivalry at all costs.


  8. Monday Night Froetteur

    Not sure how Colorado was not one of the biggest losters.

    From 2011-2014, Colorado went 10-39 (20.4%), 4-35 in conference. Colorado was 120th in winning percentage in that stretch and has been absolutely slaughtered head-to-head by Oregon et al (e.g.; average score against Oregon=10-54; avg. score against USC=20-49) . Most of the top in-state recruits are not signing with Colorado now too, which makes real success at that job almost impossible. There is other stuff going on there obviously but joining the Pac 12 has been a big part of the problem.


    • Monday Night Froetteur

      …er, 4-32 in conference.


    • hassan

      How is Colorado not winning titles right now?!? It’s Colorado….the state whose license plate should read, “First in Weed”. They are missing a golden recruiting opportunity.

      “Oh, you are planning on going to UGA?!? Do you know what they do to players coming off of spring break? Let me tell you about how the Buffs handle things in the great state of Colorado…”