Satellite camps and pearl clutching

Personally, I think the angst over satellite camps is overblown to the point of silliness and not worth keeping close watch on… but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get a huge chuckle reading Brian Cook’s smackdown of a Roll Bama Roll post about Harbaugh’s trip to Alabama.



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11 responses to “Satellite camps and pearl clutching

  1. JCDAWG83

    I gotta agree Senator, the whole satellite camp thing is much ado about nothing. If schools like Georgia, Bama, Auburn, etc start losing top recruits to Ohio State and Michigan and Penn State because those coaches come down to a one week football camp, the problem lies with the coaches doing the recruiting from the Southern schools.


  2. The only thing I love about this is that the MgoBlog crowd would be ten times as foamy if the shoe were on the other foot. Frankly they don’t deserve a coach as fun as Harbaugh.


  3. “Several dozen Crimson Tide matrons collapsed to the floor after Dytarious Johnson’s recent commitment. The state has never endured such calumny.”

    I about spit out my coffee (no. its never too late in the day to be drinking coffee thank you). If you read it in the voice of John Stewart’s Lindsey Graham impression its even funnier.

    “We need lizard people too.” Second best quote. Own up to it Bama.


    • Dog in Fla

      Were Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) a rammer jammer yellow hammer give ’em Hell Alabama fan, he would be having the vapors almost as much as I did when Miss Lindsey (R-SC) said that because he’s unmarried, the White House would have a “rotating first lady” if he were elected President, which is simply the most awesome idea that any candidate has had since self-deportation


  4. Mayor Did you get a chuckle out of this–an article linked to the “smackdown” article you referenced?


  5. Argondawg

    The grandma through the wood chipper line was priceless.


  6. Ed Kilgore

    This is why I do not envy the Bama fan. For all their championships, it must be painful to feel entitled to all the money, and all the players, and all the hypocrisy. Among other things, it validates The Barn’s cheerful scofflaw attitude.


  7. 81Dog

    Michigan dude sounds angry. Of course, if I had to watch Michigan football all the time, I’d probably be a grumpy, hypersensitive, holier than thou know it all, too.