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SEC’s top players

This al.com slideshow of the SEC’s top players at each position – a total of 28 – is more informative than definitive in terms of noting where the top talent in the conference, given that it comes from an Alabama source.

Because it’s not Alabama that comes out on top, numbers wise.  Surprise!

  • Georgia 6
  • Alabama 5
  • Ole Miss 4
  • LSU 3
  • Florida 2
  • Mississippi State 2
  • Texas A & M 2
  • Auburn 1
  • Kentucky 1
  • South Carolina 1
  • Tennessee 1

I’m more surprised that Missouri doesn’t have a single entry than Georgia topping the list, to be honest.

What do y’all think?



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Experience is nice, but…

I’d rather have Alabama’s inexperience than Vanderbilt’s returning starters.


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Giving new meaning to the phrase “TV money”

I’m linking to this Jon Solomon post about P5 conference revenues, not because there’s any real surprise they’re skyrocketing, but because when you see this…

The ACC filing obtained Friday by CBSSports.com was the last filed by the five major conferences. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott was again the country’s highest-paid commissioner last year at $3.5 million. The Big Ten’s Jim Delany was credited with $3.4 million, although the Big Ten said about $830,000 of his compensation was reported as deferred payment in previous years. The Big 12’s Bob Bowlsby made about $2.5 million, and the SEC’s Mike Slive was at $2.1 million.

Swofford was credited with $2,042,752 in base compensation and $76,107 in nontaxable benefits. He totaled nearly $2.2 million in total pay during the 2012 calendar year.

… you suddenly realize that the two conferences that own all or some of their networks are paying their commissioners a million dollars a year more than the others.

Glad they’ve got their priorities out in the open.  After all, those networks don’t program themselves.


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“Jacob decided that he didn’t want to lose the opportunity for that quarterback spot. He wanted to take it.”

Michael Carvell spent some time out in Washington checking out Jacob Eason.  Eason’s dad was pretty candid about the recruiting process.  Basically, Bobo made the introduction, sold the program, Schottenheimer was able to keep things going after the transition and Mark Richt’s been the glue that’s held it all together.

That’s what he’s going to do, sign with Georgia – unless Coach Richt goes somewhere and they are going to run Georgia Tech’s offense. Then maybe he would change his mind.

“Maybe”?  LOL.

This post isn’t so much about Eason’s preferences as it is about how well run Georgia’s recruiting seems to be these days. Eason is the highest profile recruit in Georgia’s next class, separated by the width of a continent, still being chased hard by the likes of Jim Harbaugh and Chris Petersen and despite that, it doesn’t sound like the staff has even broken a sweat dealing with the aftermath of Bobo’s departure.  Pretty impressive.

Maybe Fletcher Page is on to something here.


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