“Jacob decided that he didn’t want to lose the opportunity for that quarterback spot. He wanted to take it.”

Michael Carvell spent some time out in Washington checking out Jacob Eason.  Eason’s dad was pretty candid about the recruiting process.  Basically, Bobo made the introduction, sold the program, Schottenheimer was able to keep things going after the transition and Mark Richt’s been the glue that’s held it all together.

That’s what he’s going to do, sign with Georgia – unless Coach Richt goes somewhere and they are going to run Georgia Tech’s offense. Then maybe he would change his mind.

“Maybe”?  LOL.

This post isn’t so much about Eason’s preferences as it is about how well run Georgia’s recruiting seems to be these days. Eason is the highest profile recruit in Georgia’s next class, separated by the width of a continent, still being chased hard by the likes of Jim Harbaugh and Chris Petersen and despite that, it doesn’t sound like the staff has even broken a sweat dealing with the aftermath of Bobo’s departure.  Pretty impressive.

Maybe Fletcher Page is on to something here.


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14 responses to ““Jacob decided that he didn’t want to lose the opportunity for that quarterback spot. He wanted to take it.”

  1. This article is generally what journalism should be. Record the facts objectively. Don’t insert opinions or create headlines for click bait. If the AUC did more of this, they may see people actually subscribe to their pay services.

    We give Carvell hell here for good reason. I actually have to say he did a good job with this article.


  2. SCDawg

    Love the fact eason’s dad trolled the jackets.


  3. BulldogJay

    Don’t have time to read the article, I’m just disappointed that Carvell/AJC didn’t use a different headline to troll the UGA fan base


  4. Mayor

    Georgia’s always had the athletes. Will the upcoming signing class be better than past classes which were also ranked highly? Maybe. But coaching is what determines success. Always has. Always will.


  5. That link to the Fletcher Page article is spot on. He is not drinking the Kool-Aid served by folks saying UGA is under achieving but stating the facts that we almost always have 4 other schools in the SEC recruiting at a higher ranked pace than us. The upsurge in our recruiting over the past 2 years should put us in a better position for championships.


  6. dawgtired

    Nice article, nice kid and family. Seems like a good fit for UGA. I hope all his dreams come true…especially the one about bringing back a trophy 🙂


  7. Jimmys and Joes vs Xs and Os
    I always get a chuckle at the tenacity of some fans that just can’t seem to appreciate our HC. Athlon rated the top coaches of all the college football teams. If you’re buying their line then Saban was #1 and Cryer#2. CMR was in the top 20 at 16. Maybe we should clone Saban. I blame Bobo. Lol.
    The thing that sticks out to me with all these recruiting rankings. They’re projective – they’re not picking who the great high school players are, but the players that are likely to do well in college. Coaches are too. Crap shoot.
    Coaching involves strategy and plays, AND philosophy and mentorship. If your players don’t buy in and believe in the coaches, then no matter how good of a play caller you are, you won’t succeed. Selfish play against Florida (failure to set the edge). Fighting a teammate over an INT instead of knocking it down. We couldn’t stop the dive against Tech. Intentional grounding against the Cocks from a 5th year senior qb.
    Winning a National Championship involves good coaching, good players,depth, no injuries, scheduling and “Ole Lady Luck” has to save us once in awhile. Just sayin’


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Maybe Jacob Eason is the next Herschel (in impact) or maybe he’s the next Jasper Sanks, but all this conversation about a kid who has not taken a snap under fire in the SEC seems, frankly, ridiculous.

    Oh, wait, he’s a QUARTERBACK…now I understand.


    • Mayor

      And he’s not even there yet. I still think it’s 50-50 he changes his mind at the end and stays on the West Coast. If that happens let’s just hope every other good QB in Athens hasn’t jumped ship. We may be thankful for Lambert before it’s all said and done.