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If Gator fans weren’t worried then, why would they be worried now?

Today, in dumb questions


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Dennis Dodd’s “middle finger” to the SEC

What a silly article this is.

First, an early signing period won’t end the hype.  It’ll just move it up.  Remember, Dennis?

… the sport’s new initial signing period would be in place this year for the 2016 recruiting class. The new early date would begin Dec. 16 and last 72 hours. It would be in place for two years as an “experiment,” before being reevaluated.

“There’s an acknowledgement,” said Big Ten associate commissioner Chad Hawley, a member of the 12-person committee that made the recommendation, “the reality is this becomes the new main signing date. If that’s the case so be it, let’s see what happens.”

Yeah, let’s just see.

Here’s what will happen:  coaches will sign the kids they really want early if they can and they’ll put off the rest until February.  Meanwhile the Roquan Smiths of the world still have the period from February until enrollment to ponder their fate.

Meanwhile, as far as the screwing of the SEC goes, don’t put too much weight on that.  After all, the SEC was for an early signing period before it was against one.  It may not be their preference, but I doubt the conference coaches are going to lose much sleep over it, either.



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Tuesday morning buffet

Sample exotic dishes from around the world of college football… just kidding.

  • Georgia Southern takes tailgating to the next level. (h/t)
  • When Virginia faced Louisville last season, Greyson Lambert got some tips about Todd Grantham from former Georgia quarterback Parker Welch.
  • I’ve got to admit, if Georgia Tech won the ACC this season and this happened, I’d enjoy it.
  • Mark Richt made a recruit berry, berry happy the other day.
  • Why is Kentucky opposed to satellite camps?
  • And why is Alabama’s quarterback situation any more intriguing than Georgia’s?
  • Richt and Schottenheimer did a good job of tag teaming Georgia’s first commit for the class of 2017, Bailey Hockman.


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Is the 2015 Big Ten going to be Jim Delany’s lousy reality TV show?

I don’t know if the SEC East is catching up to the West or not, but based on these odds for winning a conference championship, it’s a damned sight closer to parity than anything the Big Ten’s got going for it.

The programming question for the Big Ten Network:  how soon do you start talking up the national championship?


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Cool to the touch

Dennis Dodd throws in the towel and reduces Mark Richt’s hot seat rating to from 1.5 to 1 (on a scale of 5).

Amusingly to everyone not named Mark Bradley, Dodd judges the genius’ seat to be warmer than Richt’s.


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Best of luck, Jacob.

Based on the track record of quarterbacks leaving SEC programs over the last five years, you’re gonna need it.


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Straight outta Seat 37F

Corch, being Corch.

I guess you could say it was a big deal, and he handled it.


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