If Gator fans weren’t worried then, why would they be worried now?

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  1. Down Heah in the South, we refer to that kind of reporting as “On a Slaunch”.


  2. TnTom

    What will THE ohio state look like in 4 years? Think Muschamp will do it again?


  3. heyberto

    And to think Mark Richt was reamed over player discipline while this was going on.


  4. Uglydawg

    What in the F#*K was THAT?


  5. Mayor

    The Gator fans aren’t worried now. At least not about criminality on the Gator team. They ARE worried about winning games–any games.


  6. Uglydawg



  7. CannonDawg

    They’ll lose enough with the current model to where it will be time to go out and get some eye-gouging thugs that can play football between court appearances. Irving Myers provided the model with two natties and numerous arrests before he got the vapors and left. Gator Nation will be ready to shift gears and go rouge if they don’t win in the next two years.


  8. truck

    Pitiful journalism, blatant homerism, and an amateurish attempt to whitewash a serious issue. But not a fraction as pitiful and shameful as the actions of the UF administration and local law enforcement. Surely there is middle ground between Gainesville’s Finest and the Barney Fife mentality of Jimmy Williamson.


  9. Reservoir Dawg

    If it weren’t for dumb questions, the Socratic Method would be unheard of in Hogtown.


  10. Meanmachineinredandblack

    “…When quarterback Treon Harris was implicated in a sexual assault case(later withdrawn), player discipline no longer was synonymous with the Florida program.” Anybody want that one? I mean, aside from the obvious errors in syntax, it came just three months after a former member of the Florida program was indicted on his second and third murder charges.


    • The other Doug

      Treon is the perfect example of the problems in Gainesville that the ESPN report focuses on,

      Accused of rape –> Huntley Johnson –> Charges dropped

      Driving car with 2 bags of weed and no license –> Huntley Johnson –> Charges dropped


  11. Cojones

    While painting a picture of moral reinstatement of FU’s sports program, Dennis dips his brush repeatedly in the Gatorade Hype that permitted it in the first place. He forgot his swamp water pastels that would have colored the likes of Meyer and Foley darkly and with stripes indicative of their excesses in the name of “college sports”. Since a picture was never painted darkly of those circumstances while they were was ongoing, a message was being sent by the media and pundits that said that winning triumphed over all else, and, to act as if a “cleanup” of a program never cast as “dirty” by the media has occurred, is a weak program post-indictment. Firing Muschamp for weakening a program built on weak stilts in the first place is a further indictment of the culture present at FU with the continued presence of Foley (the common denominator in both BBall and FB), who stood by Muschamp, but didn’t credit the weaker “clean” team replacing the “dirty” one as a good part of the reason for his CFB team’s failure(that and the yearly hiring of Offensive guru’s who were unable to make pigs fly), I. e., no time credit was given for the “starting all over” required.

    Sallee portrays Muschamp as the good “clean up” guy while demonstrating that media continues to damn by feint praise those who bite the big bullet , but whose reward is being fired for the consequences of such action. This is not in praise of Muschamp as a HC so much as it is to criticize the folly of hanging onto hypocritical “values” in sports by the media and journalists who play both sides of the track without any sign of embarrassment. Complaints about the problem (when it was occurring) from fans of opposing teams was never excised from school rivalries and examined for content, but rather was attributed to jealousy of a “successful” program. With the cleanup of a program that was never declared dirty, we see the double standard applied then and now to the culture problem existing between schools and coaches who speak for their school’s moral posture and their portrayal in the media.

    Richt hasn’t taken shots at others and has remained on the high ground on his principles concerning players representing our school with his application of discipline. His actions lift our University into a good media reflection and (whether you have noticed it or not) begun to make inroads into CFB discipline problems by the power being thrust upon him by way of influential positions on committees that may help to solve these problems on a national front. Hopefully, more power will ensue for him in this stepchild issue.


    • Cojones

      BTW, wasn’t Mr Clean, TT, thrown into the situation as well by being pressured (and complying) to run interference for Crier in more than one bar/nightclub incident so that the teaching of this culture can be expected to continue? It shows that even his moral rudder can be bent temporarily while he elected which team to play on and doesn’t notice that his career was second most to Crier’s needs. Sad.

      Well, my moral high horse has been ridden to a lather and I’ve got to put it away to rest and feed it another cookie. It will only be half a cookie that’s consistent with my own hypocricy reducing it to a Shetland Pony.