Today, in grasping at straws

Meet Jim Mora, evil recruiting genius.

By the way, Athlon, why wouldn’t that work just as well in reverse for Mark RiIcht?


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10 responses to “Today, in grasping at straws

  1. Sothern Dawg

    Last time I checked California was ahead of Georgia as far as states with rich recruiting land. So does that make Richt more Evil Geniuser or does Paul Johnson own sole rights to that?


  2. Mayor

    So. Both teams have scheduled a home and away 2 game series in the distant future that neither team really intends to play, solely for recruiting reasons. Is that about it?


  3. Let’s see. Head Coach Mora coached the Falcons (5 yr deal worth 7 mil + 1yr) for 3 years and was fired. HC for Seattle ( 5 yr deal worth 4 mil per yr fired after one season). UCLA picks him up (5 yr. deal worth 12 million.) Never really coached in college before has he? But now he some kind of recruiting guru schooling Richt? Yep football news is slow and college football just can’t get here soon enough.
    States with best talent.


  4. This is truly one of the dumber things I have read. I do not know of it is funnier that UCLA has to travel to BYU and Cincy or the thought that scheduling these games 7 to 15 years out has any effect on recruiting.


  5. JTP

    Like Jim Mora will be there anywhere near long enough to coach in these games.


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Mark who?