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This is why the coaches hope Brice Ramsey is their starting quarterback.

If you look at this chart at al.com summarizing Georgia’s offenses over the last six seasons, you’ll notice the dip in yards per pass and passing yardage in 2014.  In fact, you’ll notice that both represent the lowest numbers over that entire period, with the former in particular being a sizeable fall from the previous low.  And that came despite a record high in completion percentage.

To put it more starkly, take Aaron Murray out of the equation and compare Georgia’s numbers with Hutson Mason to those with his 2009 counterpart, Joe Cox:

  • 2014:  11.1 YPP; 200 YPG; 67.4% completion ratio
  • 2009:  12.5 YPP; 201 YPG; 54.9% completion ratio

Sure, Mason had a more dynamic running game than Cox did, and, to some extent that would explain the relatively low yards per game component there.  But think about the rest of the story being told by those numbers.  Cox completed about a fifth less of his throws than did Mason, but despite that, still managed to gain better than 10% with an average throw, compared to Mason.  And keep in mind those numbers don’t take into account the interceptions each threw.  (6 vs. 17.)

If you’re throwing more zeroes than the other guy and still manage to best his yards per pass average, there’s only one explanation.  Georgia had a more effective downfield passing game with Cox in 2009 than it did with Mason last year.

I don’t think Richt and Schottenheimer want to repeat that story unless Ramsey gives them little choice.



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“But all good things must come to an end.”

I don’t think Spurdog is gonna be real thrilled with the latest ESPN narrative.


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Something to add to the resume

Couldn’t resist.


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“There was an effort to save time on the road.”

Those of you who harp on travel time as a factor in losing at the Cocktail Party… you’re gonna love this.

Travel to road football games isn’t the only thing that will be made easier this season for Georgia.

Getting to home games also will be much quicker.

The Bulldogs will now spend the night before games on campus at the UGA Hotel and Conference Center at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education, just down the road from Sanford Stadium.

The team last season stayed Friday nights about 35 miles away at Chateau Elan in Braselton and seasons before that on Lake Lanier.

Honestly, who thinks like that?  Put players on an hour-long bus ride before home games?

As Weiszer notes,

The time Georgia players had to spend on bus rides last season was an issue voiced to the media by defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt last November, but it was overshadowed by the message he was sending at the time about the urgency he felt for the need for an indoor practice facility to be built that the team could use.

You’ve got to think Pruitt had to be wondering at some point what he’d gotten himself into.  The Georgia Way, bless its heart.


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Name that caption, good ol’ sandy beach edition

Andy Staples dug this gem up.

What some people will spend a silly amount of vacation time doing… your comments are welcome, nay, encouraged.


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Musical palate cleanser, because he dared me edition

Bo Bounds is my muse today.  Which makes this pick obvious.


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“They’re more worried about their martinis, their wine & their music in Athens…”

Hey… I think this guy just insulted us.

I’d get upset, but I’m in the middle of fixing myself a drink and putting on an REM album right now.

Thanks, SEC Network!


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