“Yea that’s a lie get your facts right.”

My, the AJ-C headline writer for this piece sure took the mellow route.

I can just imagine the story that would be written if a former Georgia player called out the school for lying as he walked out the door.


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10 responses to ““Yea that’s a lie get your facts right.”

  1. Spokesperson for George O'Leary

    It is not a lie if you want it to be true.


    • Uglydawg

      Not a single comment in the AJC concerning this…If it had been a Georgia player, the nerds would be all over it in the “comments” section. Go figure.


  2. The AJC

    He self-identifies as a Florida Gator now. Back off.


  3. Uglydawg

    Maybe he went visited UF and saw that they actually have a lot of beautiful things that GT is pretty much devoid of. He’ll be scratching his head for a long time…thinkin’ bout what might’v’been.


  4. I love Georgia Tech ,how bout you!


  5. Wow. If it was Georgia, it would have been “Athens GA, Suspension Capital of College Football Tallies Another Bulldog.” Then they would have alleged some murder plot was the cause.

    Tech however gets the kid glove treatment. Convenient.

    I gets really frustrating after a while.


  6. WTM

    I think I pulled a muscle rolling my eyes at the comments posted in the article. What color is the sky in their world?


  7. adam

    So if they officially suspend him, wouldn’t that require him to get a waiver to be eligible to transfer to FL? If so, is this Johnson just being a prick?