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Big ass screen

At least I’ll be able to see something from the crappy seat Auburn’ll sell me this year.


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All in, Vegas style

Look at the money falling on Auburn!


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Get out of Denver, baby.

David Wunderlich points out something this morning that had previously escaped my notice.

McElwain will also pay $2 million to make for a total buyout of $7 million.

… McElwain’s payment of $2 million is also the largest amount that a coach has ever paid to buy himself out of a contract.

Man, that’s somebody who wanted a job change badly.

And, um, Mike Bobo, you’d better be saving your money.  Just sayin’.



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Musical palate cleanser, in and out the valley edition

Back in the day when prog rock was a commercially viable thing, Yes ruled the roost.  Whatever you think of the genre – and for me, that’s a lot less now than it was back then – there’s no question Yes was a band with some incredibly talented musicians.

Sadly, word came this weekend that one of them, bassist Chris Squire, passed away.

Here’s a live version from 1973 of one of the group’s biggest hits, “Roundabout”.


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We’re delusional. (Well, some of us, anyway.)

So, Field Street Forum links to a post judging that the Georgia fan base is the eighth-most delusional of its kind in the country.  But not for the reason you’d think.  Quite the opposite, actually.

Even with all of that being said, the major reason the Bulldogs find themselves at No. 8 is the cries from within the fan ranks to dismiss Richt. Sure, he seems to have been the bridesmaid many times while never actually getting to be the bride, but he’s a fine recruiter and has turned Georgia into a perennial contender. That’s more than we can say for his predecessors Jim Donnan and Ray Goff. If Richt does get bounced, the Georgia opening would be an extremely attractive one, but Bulldog fans should be careful what they wish for, as there’s no guarantees Richt’s replacement would be the one to take the program higher than it’s been.

Heh.  Where have I heard that before?  Oh, yeah…


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The First Rule of Baseball

You never talk about a no-hitter while it’s in progress.


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