The First Rule of Baseball

You never talk about a no-hitter while it’s in progress.


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15 responses to “The First Rule of Baseball

  1. Obviously, you guys need to blame Bobo. Coincidence? I think not.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Shhhh. Don’t comment. πŸ˜‰


  3. I Will take Door #2, and Knucklehead Alex for $2,000 each. 🏈🎈


  4. JCDAWG83

    I like to think it’s option 2 but, that said, we should expect about a dozen arrests before August now that someone has brought it up.


  5. Uglydawg

    #2 ? I don’t think so. Not many people are introspective enough (especially at 18) to realize they are headed for trouble. They always think it’s going to be someone else.

    I choose “None of the Above”.

    My thoughts are that this team is just made up of kids that are serious about football. They can certainly see that CMR doesn’t put up with repeated bad behaviour and want to be part of something special. These kids saw what happened with Gurley, and they know what it cost the team.

    I’m betting that Todd Gurley presented a touching mea culpa to his team mates and they listened and learned..and there is new, quiet and strong leadership on this team.


  6. paul

    Mark Richt has lost control of losing control. I’m going with option 4: Errbody gettin arrested this weekend!


  7. Chuck

    None of you has it right. The reason is that all the police are involved in the Hood trial and haven’t got time for the usual. Trial should last a while, too, but when it’s over…:(


  8. Athens Dog

    I know nothing…….keep moving, nothing to see


  9. IndyDawg

    Where’s Mudcat’s Impala and all da scooters at!?! Nobody’s emergin’ from alleys anymore!?!


  10. georgiajeepn

    No arrests for this long can only mean the NCAA is preparing a death penalty case for us!


  11. We’ve been talking about the Pruitt effect for a while now. If you’re not focused while on the field at practice you may ride the pine. And if you’re not focused off the field during your free time-Ditto! Also maybe some credit due to Dr. Morehead for easing the negative effects of “Mr. Kickball” himself?

    “Pruitt, he means business,” senior linebacker Ramik Wilson said. “He’s not really laughing that much. He yells real hard and he’s trying to prove a point that he’s going to change things around here. That’s what we need this year. I think guys are really buying in. Everybody bought in. Everybody.”

    One of the main tactics Pruitt has used to motivate his players has been wiping the depth chart clean. No single defender holds a starting position at this point in time, even though as of now nine starters remain from the 2013 season.

    This invariability has increased the effort on the field, according to the players. The constant fear that any player can be demoted on the depth chart for a lack of effort has ignited the want in every player.

    “If you’re jogging and not going hard, he will replace you,” Wilson said. “He’s not playing. He’s been giving hints to some people, but they’ve been getting them right. He does send people to the [third-strings] and [second-strings] a lot. He’ll drop you on the depth chart.”

    Although there is no solid depth chart as of yet, Green did say that senior Damian Swann and sophomore Brendan Langley have been taking most of the reps with the first group and Green himself has been starting at the “star” position, or the third cornerback in a nickel defense.

    As for Green’s transition from offense to defense, the decision was an easy one to make because it was all his own. (That interesting.)


  12. 69Dawg

    Any time you see players baling out of a school from one position it’s a sure sign that there is a new sheriff in town. We lost a lot of DBs and if CJP had not been a great coach it would have killed us. The guys leaving saw the handwriting on the wall.