Greg Pyke, gettin’ the love

You saw his name on the conference SID SEC First Team list, now here’s an article at about which guards and centers are already attracting the attention of pro scouts, with Pyke’s name at the top.  Details:

1. Greg Pyke, Georgia

Maybe it’s my background in an offensive line family, but watching tape of Pyke absolutely made my day! In fairness, I don’t live the most exciting life anymore, but when I see a guard mash his opponents with pure power, good footwork and timing on combination blocks — that makes me happy. Pyke uses quick, choppy steps to get himself in position and then plays with a strong base to lock defenders out. And he loves to scrap on every snap. I’m getting fired up just typing this. He bends at the waist too often and needs to play with a little better pad level, but he’s going to open plenty of holes for Nick Chubb this year.

A good example of that mashing can be found at about the 1:05 mark on this clip of Chubb’s game against Auburn.  It’s the play where Richt changed his mind and decided to go for it on fourth down – perhaps the key play of the game.

Pyke actually lined up outside his usual guard position there, but if you watch what he does on that play, he basically destroys everyone in his path.  Chubb lines up on his inside shoulder and just follows him into the end zone.

Should be plenty more of that to watch this season.


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13 responses to “Greg Pyke, gettin’ the love

  1. Man, Pyke had a really good game against Auburn but so did Andrews and the rest of the O-line. Plus Hicks, the FB. I could watch this all day.


  2. I watched Pyke on that full set of highlights. He absolutely destroyed the 2 DTs from Georgia pretty much the whole night. He pancaked Montravius Adams multiple times and pushed Gabe Wright around the whole game. Those clips showed me how good Pyke was all night but that was really the whole year, but it also showed me what a disaster Rodney Garner has become as a DL coach.

    I was worried last year about Pyke at right guard replacing Chris Burnette, but he’s an upgrade.


  3. Jim

    That 4th down play was my 2nd favorite play of the year. Right behind Gurley’s kickoff return against auburn (who cares that it was called back).


  4. David K

    Chubb’s run from the screen at the 3:39 mark is incredible.


    • James Stephenson

      It was at that point that I realized that Chubb could end up being as popular as 34. And that is saying something.


  5. Gastr1

    Nothing on that video is more fun than watching Andrews celebrate that 4th down TD. Love that guy.


    • Ben

      That’s when I knew that we were going to smoke them the rest of the game. They just had their lunch money taken on that stand, and I think they gave up right there.

      Beating Auburn is so much fun.


  6. 69Dawg

    The thought of these 4 guys coming into this year gives me the vapors. If we can only find a mean, smart center to make the right calls this could be special. Maybe Sales can make Chicken salad at the center position.


  7. Check out on the replay at the 2:50 mark. Dude just bends the lineman out of the play completely.


  8. Brandon

    Chubbs burst and acceleration are unreal. The kid can go from standing still to full speed in 3 steps


  9. I started telling people last year after the Ark game that Pyke might be the best OL in recent memory to play at Georgia So big So strong So fast and So fundamentally sound
    If he isnt the best run blocking lineman in the nation i sure would not trade him for whoever you claim is


    • Can you imagine facing him on the lacrosse pitch (or field – whatever it’s called)? He’s an athlete trapped in a large human being’s body. Guards are sort of a dime a dozen in the NFL, but he seems to have a very bright future with $$$$ in front of him.


  10. fred russo

    In all my years as a Dawg fan we have only a couple of O linemen that were great. Always been week there.