So he’s saying there’s a chance?

Dave Bartoo makes a list of long shot teams for conference titles and the playoffs.  You may have heard of his selection for the national title game.

National Title Game: Few are giving the Georgia Bulldogs (25-to-1 odds to win national title) much of a shot at a conference title, let alone a national title appearance. Of all the big underdogs to win it all, this team has the best profile to do it (I had Auburn on the list in 2010). Georgia is the only top 10 recruiter of this century to not make and win a national title. Are they due when no one expects it?

Stranger things have happened in the world of college football, I suppose.



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12 responses to “So he’s saying there’s a chance?

  1. It is gonna happen. If not this Season…next year. Fo sho! 🏈🎈


  2. Somebody has to, why not us?

    Get rid of the face plant game in UT east and the SEC refs do their jobs and ole Lady Luck smiles / yeah, we got a chance.


  3. AlphaDawg

    With Chubb and our o-line easing the QB/OC transition and a Defense that should be improved in its 2nd year, I really like our chances to make the Dome. After that its anyone’s guess.


  4. The recipe is there to make it to the CFP:
    1) Improve on defense – if we’re good in the defensive line, this defense could be very special given the players returning at LB and DB. Another year of CJP and his band of assistants is a very good thing.
    2) Find a QB – A game managing QB can take this team to places we haven’t seen since 2002. If the QB can limit mistakes and lean on the running game, we’ll be in Atlanta with a fighting chance to be one of the 4.
    3) Coach with no fear – My main sticking point with CMR is his tendency to play the percentages. When we’re at our best, CMR leads as if he has nothing to lose (the Celebration, times we’ve gone for it on 4th down late in games, onside kicks at times you would never think about it).
    4) Show up – The coaches can do everything to motivate the team to be ready to play. Getting fired up to put on the G comes from the players. We need to find a Boss Andrews type of leader and that man needs to make sure we’re ready every week.

    If we do these things starting on September 5, who knows what will happen? I still think the conference schedule is not kind enough to us to book a trip to Atlanta, but I’m ready to eat some crow au vin by being proven wrong.


    • Cosmic Dawg

      I like your #3, e.

      And #4 is why I am hoping Bauta puts it all together this summer. But behind whoever wins the job, of course.


  5. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Not discounting the Carolina game…that’s a game where UGA will be favored and at home and frankly, if you don’t win that one, you’ve got bigger problems…..

    But October….the season sets up in October. Vs. Bama, @U10 vs. Mizzou JAX….That’s four conference games…three against the likely contenders in the East…If UGA comes out of that stretch at 7-1 or 8-0…they’ll be in the discussion…

    In the very good to great years under Richt…with the exception of 2005?…the main stumbling block from being truly special and in the conversation has been an early loss and/or a loss to Florida.



    I am of the opinion that if you keep knocking on the door, it will be answered. We are knocking.


  7. DawgPhan

    I am not sure it will happen this year, but the pieces are there.

    RB, OL, and a 2nd year defense that should be a top 5 type of unit. History says when UGA fields a top 5 defense we tend to do pretty well.

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  8. Mayor

    Of all the bets to win the SEC Championship I think the most attractive bet is Missouri at 18-1. I see the SEC East as basically a two team race this year. Mizzou team has a weaker schedule than the Dawgs and could still win the East even if they lose to their game with Dawgs. If they beat the Dawgs, I don’t see them losing the East. So, Mizzou has two chances to win the East while the Dawgs have only one chance–and that’s if they beat Mizzou. Once into the SECCG, all the Tigers have to do is beat the West champ, and the West to me looks down a bit, and they are the SEC Champions. This would be particularly true if an oddball winner, like an Arkansas or Missy State, were to come out of the West. 18-1 is longer odds than what the bet really should be, IMHO.


  9. Dog in Fla

    If it can happen with Tee Martin, it can happen with us


  10. Dog in Fla

    “So he’s saying there’s a chance?”

    If it can happen with Fire Marshall Bill, it can happen to anyone who’s not a scientist