The new amateurism

Andy Schwarz catches this article with a hilarious quote from FSU Athletics Director Stan Wilcox about the COA stipend the school will start forking over to players… and perhaps more:

Wilcox noted the NCAA is appealing the ruling in the O’Bannon case, in which an additional $5,000 a year would be put into a trust fund for athletes after graduation.

“We hope they win that appeal because this (stipend) is as far as I think we ought to go — or it will change the paradigm (of college athletics) and get us into a pay-for-play situation,” Wilcox said.

Unless FSU plans on giving every student enrolled there an extra $4500-6000 a year, dude, you’re already in a pay-for-play situation.  You just don’t want to admit it.


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5 responses to “The new amateurism

  1. Beekerdawg

    How are these idiots in charge…


  2. Er, can’t he or his legal staff read a Judge’s opinion?

    Sheesh, head in the sand as the Herd of Elephants charges..,


    • Bulldog Joe

      You have to cut FSU some slack. Their athletic department is not used to reading judge’s opinions.

      They only write them.


  3. Ant123

    They would not have to give every student enrolled the money only all of those on Scholarship, which I think they should do. Although I doubt the real number should be as high as $4500.00 but who knows. The process of arriving at those numbers should be the same at every institution and it all should be public.


  4. Dog in Fla

    If FSU has to pay the COA ransom, there will be less money available for retrofitting window unit air conditioners into class room buildings