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You never want to hear the words “could be ready to go by the start of August practice”.

Justin Scott-Wesley goes under the knife.  This is not a welcomed development, to say the least.


UPDATE:  Okay, man.



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But his work here is not yet done!

Jeremy Pruitt makes a “next in line to be a head coach” list… along with perennial favorite Kirby Smart.


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The Peter Principle, SEC style

The Southeastern Conference currently boasts eleven former head coaches currently employed as assistants.  (LSU accounts for four of them on its own.)

It’s none other than Agent Muschamp who’s got the interesting quote about taking a step down, natch.

“It’s not just about being the head coach,” Muschamp said after becoming the defensive coordinator at Auburn. “It’s about being somewhere where you know that you’re going to get the support, the resources and the finances you need to have to be successful and to win championships.”

Finances, says the man who received a $6.3 million buyout from Florida.

Even Junior admitted to being a little humbled when he was shown the door, Boom.


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“We really do think we’re going to change the paradigm of New Year’s Eve.”

The College Football Playoffs, where the pomposity is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

Say what you will about the BCS, at least it wasn’t so full of itself.


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They gave you the best years of their lives, Mickey.

Brian Cook looks at my recent post about ESPN’s future in an unbundled world, takes an inferred point from my post and makes it quite specific:

ESPN is currently subsidized by a lot of people who do not care about sports. When the internet is television, that goes away—and it does not necessarily get replaced one for one.

This is why adding Maryland and especially Rutgers was folly. In the near future the only people who get the Big Ten Network are going to be people interested in the Big Ten. They will no longer be able to snatch a dollar from the pocket of every cable subscriber in New Jersey who is a Tulane man. This is going to happen in ten years, at which point whatever short-term revenue gain will be spent, Jim Delany will have his bonus, and the Big Ten will be stuck with a couple of teams nobody cares about.

It’s not just the Big Ten, and it’s not just being stuck with the aftermath of making questionable expansion decisions.  Every P5 conference is guilty of the latter and the Pac-12 is even more heavily invested in its broadcast network than Delany’s conference is.  What do these guys prepare for when their business model is blown to the skies?

Judging from their track record, we won’t find out the answer to that question until it’s already happened.


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When you can’t get what you want or what you need

Oh noes, NC State, you di’int.

You did.

Photo via Connie Carrigan

In retrospect, this touring marriage of the Stones and college football campuses leaves something to be desired. Next time, choose a better class of venues, Mick.

In an effort to wash the bad taste out of my mouth, let me share a couple of extraordinary numbers that just popped up in a very recent release of a 1971 concert at London’s Marquee Club.  First, dig “Midnight Rambler”.

As good as that is, it’s surpassed by this version of “Dead Flowers”.  Make sure you check out Mick Taylor.

It’s not easy to pull off effortless and incredible simultaneously, but there you go.

Now, go and sin no more, Stones.


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